Glides Past

She glides past
No one but me;
Sees what;
Who she is?
Translucent is her form;
Ghostly pale skin
Hovering over the place;
Where last she was in life;
Always staring straight ahead;
Searching for what I do not know;
Until last the sun washes down
She disappears again;
Only to arise again on the day;
Of which her death is on.

Ghost Ship

It glides through the night silent as can be.
The only sound there is, is the sloshing of the sea.
It wanders through the night to a destination unknown.
Hoping to find its way back home.
It will never find its place of rest,
For it is doom to sail for all eternity.
Its decks are empty, no cargo does it hold.
All is silent on its long journey to the unknown.

I Am Here

I am here and you do not see me.
I am an invisible spot in your world.
I try to cry out and get your attention,
But still you do not see me.
I follow you around,
But, still you do not see me.
I wonder why you do not see me,
I try to find out.
I see you in the evening,
And you begin to cry.
I look to where you lay
And finally I know why.
I am gone from this world.
I have left you all alone.
Now I know why I am invisible,
I am only a ghost who’s new.