Silence Greets Me

Silence greets me in the morning
Sky still dark as I wake
Silence follows me around
I get ready for work
Silence stays as I leave
I go to work where silence doesn’t dwell
Silence greets when I come home
I open door to silence
I trudge upstairs to silence
Silence is there when I am eating
Dinner quiet; nothing heard around room
Silence is there when ready for bed
No dog to take outside one last time
No dog to say good night too
No dog tuck under blanket with toys
Silence is there when lights go off
Sleep comes until tomorrow
As silence greets me again in the morning

No One To Greet Me

Stair landing is empty when I arrive home.
No one waiting; smiling at me waving their bushy tail.
Only a stuffed snowman sits in corner;
Branch arms up in greeting.
He will stay out for one more month, till he is put away.
Silence, no noise I hear when I get home.
No dog speaking, “I’m glad to see you!”
I trudge slowly up; silence is only there to greet me.
An empty void fills the home.
No one to greet me when I get home.