I’m Shiba Inu Haiku Sonnet

I am white, creamy
My tail curled over my back
I’m Shiba Inu

I’m small in stature
I look like an arctic fox
I’m Shiba Inu

I’m independent
Want attention all the time
I’m Shiba Inu

I can be stubborn
But also sweet and sassy
I’m Shiba Inu

I always watch you
I’m Shiba Inu

At Dog Park Haiku Sonnet

I look through tall fence
I want to join the big dogs,
Can you please let me?

I run with big dogs
Tongue out, smiling having fun
I make many friends

I run all over
I chase, bark my opinion
I say don’t be rude

I head to dry pond
I walk through a muddy patch
I have mud boots on

We go; wash paws with water
Now I am clean once again

Dog And Fireworks Haikus

I head to bathroom
Eyes scared, panting and pacing
Fireworks boom outside

Loud booming outside
My doggy ears don’t like noise
Someone stop fireworks

You go awe and oh
I head into bathtub to
Hide from loud fireworks

Almost every week
These fireworks crack open sky
I am stress and hide