3 Tail Haikus

I look at my tail;
Seems to be laughing at me
Tail stop your waving

Tail curls on my back
Peek through to see other side
From hole in center

Tail you are useful
Can carry stuff under curl
It will take practice


Pizza And Dog Haikus

I look at pizza
Folded in half in your hand
Will you share it please?

I stare, waiting, but
No pizza will you give me
I will come close

Are you taunting me?
Pizza looks too good, I want
What you place in mouth

Please, please give pizza
I jump up to place paws On
Your leg while you eat

Dog And Fireworks Haikus

I head to bathroom
Eyes scared, panting and pacing
Fireworks boom outside

Loud booming outside
My doggy ears don’t like noise
Someone stop fireworks

You go awe and oh
I head into bathtub to
Hide from loud fireworks

Almost every week
These fireworks crack open sky
I am stress and hide

Haiku With Enemy

I use my Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus. I opened it up and landed in the “E” section. After looking over I decided to write a Haiku. Challenging myself to write only “E” words to make it.

Enter enigma
Enemy enthuse enough
Entice enterprise

April 24th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/