5 Haikus of Charleston

Southern belle she was
Until war ravaged her streets
She emerge greatly

Ocean front side view
Rainbow color fronts line street
Take photos of homes

Out in harbor lies
An old fort gone through wars, now
Historical site

Historical homes
Lie hidden between the new
Try to seek them out

Old city with charm
Founded sixteen seventy
History galore


5 Haikus Of Savannah

Hanging moss trees dot
Historic town old beyond
Years what they have seen

City arise from
Ash from the Civil War to
Become tourist place

Ghosts stroll street around
Many old historic inns
Some prank on humans

A cobblestone street
Still seen at bank of river
Holds quaint shops to find

Southern atmosphere
Brings out a picturesque charm
In historic town

5 Dog Haikus Even More

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Oh, I wish you could
understand what I say now
But you look confuse

Why can’t I have your
Food to eat the same as you
You keep saying no

I feel the aging
Has come to slow me down for
Now I can’t do stairs

I am in pain
But hide any traces when
You are now nearby

You cry on my fur
Don’t worry, we’ll met again
In another life

5 Waiting Dog Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

I was sleeping when
I heard your car door slam then
Race to door waiting

I can sense when you
Are coming home, eagerly
wait for you at door

Door opens, I see you
Yes, you are home, you are home
Tail wags happily

Where have you been; I
Have been waiting forever
For you to come home

You left me again
Look out at window waiting
For you to return

5 Spring Dog Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

I sniff the Spring air
Now I can stay out longer–
Let me chill right here

I Smell daffodils–
Owner has me sit in field
For a photshoot, smile

I bath in Spring light
As I lounge on balcony
It feels good right now

The weather has warmed
I can walk along flowers
Spring has now arrive

Don’t want to go in
Will be laying down right here–
Enjoying Spring day

5 Sad Dog Haikus On Sick Owner

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Owner not feeling
Well, I feel mopey, no walk
Stay near for comfort

Outside breaks are done
By someone else, big long sigh
No long walk today

Check on my owner
Before I head out; short walk
Look OK for now

If owner won’t eat
Will be very sad, no play;
I won’t eat food too

Two days unhappy;
Owner was in bed too sick;
I feel very blue

5 Sniffing Eating Haikus

Here are haikus from what my dog would write.

Sniff the carpeted floors;
Sniff some more than lick and lick
Until floor is clean

Wander to kitchen
Sniff floors for food particles
But none are found, darn

Sniff, sniff I smell food
Wander to kitchen for snack
But to far to reach

Oh, food why so high
I need some way to reach you
These front paws won’t do

Saw English muffins
On countertop; grabbed the bag
now in my tummy