Dog And Fireworks Haikus

I head to bathroom
Eyes scared, panting and pacing
Fireworks boom outside

Loud booming outside
My doggy ears don’t like noise
Someone stop fireworks

You go awe and oh
I head into bathtub to
Hide from loud fireworks

Almost every week
These fireworks crack open sky
I am stress and hide


Haiku With Enemy

I use my Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus. I opened it up and landed in the “E” section. After looking over I decided to write a Haiku. Challenging myself to write only “E” words to make it.

Enter enigma
Enemy enthuse enough
Entice enterprise

April 24th prompt from this site

Zooming Dog Haiku Sonnet

The following is a Haiku Sonnet which is a cross between a Haiku and and a Sonnet. This poem consists of 4 3-line Haiku and a 2-line couple that could be 5 or 7 lines each. For more information a poet named David Marshall has some good examples of this type of poem.

Dog standing in hall
Flashing a big doggy grin
She ready to spring

To run back and forth
From one room to another
At very top speeds

Smiling, mouth open
To stair landing; back again
Around furniture

She use zoom around
Happy pup with energy
Now there is no more

I miss zooming of my dog
Brought smile to my face