Snack Time Haiku Sonnet

I look at owner
Is it close to snack time yet
You say five minutes

Can’t wait anymore
Really want my snack now
You say three minutes

You get off of chair
Snack time finally is here
I’m ready for snack

I begin my sit
I do commands to get snacks
They are delicious

We practice commands until
My snacks run out from your hand

Unhappy Walk Haiku Sonnet

I take walk outside
We must be six feet away
I, dog says not fair

Need to socialize
Hooman will not let go near
Not happy at all

I look at you sad
You say there is pandemic
I, not understand

Walk quicker I will
I continue to get near
You slow down our walk

I am dog, no understand
This pandemic was unplanned

Dog And Easter Bunny Photo Shoot Haikus

I see big bunny
Owner takes off my harness
I am placed in arms

I am not sure why
I am asked to looked at the
Camera nearby

I will give cute look
For treats that dangle nearby
I will tolerate

Bunny ears placed on
Look again at camera
Now this will not do

I start to wriggle
I am now done with these ears
I shake them off head

At Dog Park Haiku Sonnet

I look through tall fence
I want to join the big dogs,
Can you please let me?

I run with big dogs
Tongue out, smiling having fun
I make many friends

I run all over
I chase, bark my opinion
I say don’t be rude

I head to dry pond
I walk through a muddy patch
I have mud boots on

We go; wash paws with water
Now I am clean once again