3 Haikus Of Seas and Oceans

Sea crashes to shore
Water spray goes everywhere
Storm about to come

Water retreats back
Into huge oceans from shore
It is low tide now

Ocean vast and wide
See nothing for many miles
Each direction blue


Rain Thunder Lightning Haikus

Rain splatters window
Till water droplets fog pane
Can’t see out window

Thunder grumbles near
Unhappy they seem to be
Too loud for my ears

Lightning zig zags down
As it looks like ripping sky
Open to pour rain

5 Haikus of Charleston

Southern belle she was
Until war ravaged her streets
She emerge greatly

Ocean front side view
Rainbow color fronts line street
Take photos of homes

Out in harbor lies
An old fort gone through wars, now
Historical site

Historical homes
Lie hidden between the new
Try to seek them out

Old city with charm
Founded sixteen seventy
History galore

105 Dog Haikus Book

Next book, 105 Dog Haikus is in the process of being done. It is in editing mode and I am finishing on the book cover. It should be coming hopefully next month. This book has 105 haikus about what a dog for poem about if they could. They range from outside through the seasons, brushing of the fur, eating, habits and a lot more. These have been taken from the many dog haikus that I have written. For a sample of what will be in the book here are three links of dog haikus.

5 Waiting Dog Haikus

5 Sniffing Eating Haikus

5 Dog vs Wild Animals Haikus