Unhappy Walk Haiku Sonnet

I take walk outside
We must be six feet away
I, dog says not fair

Need to socialize
Hooman will not let go near
Not happy at all

I look at you sad
You say there is pandemic
I, not understand

Walk quicker I will
I continue to get near
You slow down our walk

I am dog, no understand
This pandemic was unplanned

Dog And Easter Bunny Photo Shoot Haikus

I see big bunny
Owner takes off my harness
I am placed in arms

I am not sure why
I am asked to looked at the
Camera nearby

I will give cute look
For treats that dangle nearby
I will tolerate

Bunny ears placed on
Look again at camera
Now this will not do

I start to wriggle
I am now done with these ears
I shake them off head

Dog And Fireworks Haikus

I head to bathroom
Eyes scared, panting and pacing
Fireworks boom outside

Loud booming outside
My doggy ears don’t like noise
Someone stop fireworks

You go awe and oh
I head into bathtub to
Hide from loud fireworks

Almost every week
These fireworks crack open sky
I am stress and hide