2 Haikus For Words

Into words I say
Erase from my memory
Be instead written

Written words tangle
Into each other trying
For my attention


105 Dog Haikus Book

Next book, 105 Dog Haikus is in the process of being done. It is in editing mode and I am finishing on the book cover. It should be coming hopefully next month. This book has 105 haikus about what a dog for poem about if they could. They range from outside through the seasons, brushing of the fur, eating, habits and a lot more. These have been taken from the many dog haikus that I have written. For a sample of what will be in the book here are three links of dog haikus.

5 Waiting Dog Haikus

5 Sniffing Eating Haikus

5 Dog vs Wild Animals Haikus

5 Haikus of Philadelphia

No cellphones brought through
Mint doors to watch; take tour of
Money being made

One old single street
Still has cobble stones where you
Walk historic path

Behind glass; not touched
Has a large crack in its frame
From time long ago

Document signed
By men now famous in room–
Independence Hall

Walk streets at night, find
Historic ghosts prowling where
nation was founded

5 Dog Haikus of Randomness

More dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

Crumbs on paws from snack
Must lick until very clean
Continue I lick

I come over to
Give you my backside so you
Can pet my fur coat

Relax today on
Balcony for it is a
beautiful today

I give you a look
Please bring my food to me, as
I, lazy today

No water in bowl
I run around to try to
Get your attention

5 Dog VS Wild Animals Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

From window I see
Deer walking through fresh snow need
To be outside now

Silent, low to ground,
Stalk forward on quiet paws
Spring on waddling geese

Must catch those deer from
Across street; for they are in
My territory

Must chase the rabbit;
Must chase it; but it is too
Fast for me to catch

Please let me near the
Stinky skunk for it smell good–
I’m pulled far away

5 Spring Dog Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

I sniff the Spring air
Now I can stay out longer–
Let me chill right here

I Smell daffodils–
Owner has me sit in field
For a photshoot, smile

I bath in Spring light
As I lounge on balcony
It feels good right now

The weather has warmed
I can walk along flowers
Spring has now arrive

Don’t want to go in
Will be laying down right here–
Enjoying Spring day