Two Landay Poems

Mend a broken heart through the mind eye
With sowing needle and gold thread before it goes bye

Her raindrop tears fall upon dry ground
Growing hidden seeds which sprout many buds to be found


Heart Toy

I race to bedroom to find
A stuff toy to squeak and play
It’s small, red with white words
I don’t know what it says
I throw it around
I bite it
I lick it
I play some more
You take notice of what I brought
A red heart to show you
With words that I Love (as paw heart) U

I carry

Your heart within my heart locked in a box.
Oh, it is kept close for I love you dear.
Unlocked only to when we are together your heart
Radiates shining love even within my heart.
Have you not come to bring your love my world would not be
Enhanced by your overflowing of love and gratitude.
As you have come into my world is bright as the golden
Rays of sun beaming down from blue skies.
The heart I have praises your heart with joy.
Within my heart I will keep it close
It has shown me the way from dark pastures
To your heart we were fated to come together
Here is and now beneath the sun and moon
Me and you are hearts as one
Even now your heart is carried within my heart.

Open Your Heart

Open your heart; let love pour
In filling your soul full to top
Don’t wait for it to stop
For love may start to soar.

Love will bound away
Skipping through tall grasses
Keep up through narrow passes
Love won’t leave; will find the way.

Love will find its home this way
Through the open door
Straight to heart it will pour
Into soul; this very day.

Valentine Love

Day of love is in the air
To give ones heart so fair
For you are the love I see
Wanting my Valentine to be
Yours is special on this day
That I could not say it any other way
Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love;
Our love will fly over like a dove;
To ever more you will be mine
I hope to ask tonight to dine.
Yes, I see it in your eyes
For more years will make us wise
The love we share now;
Will last since we made that vow.

Skip A Beat

What chases my heart to skip a beat?
Which flutters its wings upon an open mouth that cannot speak.
To let my starry eyes fix upon;
One so radiant, fair and far between another world away.
What lacks the speech to talk in babble;
As she glides across my brow.
The continue stare of one that seems lost
Oh, what may knock to senses
To bring me back from where my heart stills skips a beat.