Dog And Fireworks Haikus

I head to bathroom
Eyes scared, panting and pacing
Fireworks boom outside

Loud booming outside
My doggy ears don’t like noise
Someone stop fireworks

You go awe and oh
I head into bathtub to
Hide from loud fireworks

Almost every week
These fireworks crack open sky
I am stress and hide


Sad New Year of 2018

New Year will come soon
But I have lost my best friend
My New Year will be sad and blue
No wishing my dog a New Year
No hugging her furry body
Or planting a kiss on her snout
No more will she dress for New Years
Either wearing hat or necklace
It will be more quiet tonight
When ball will drop later tonight
This night will be sad
Bringing in the New Year.

First Christmas Eve Without Chelsey

This green Christmas Eve
No Chelsey dog will be
Wearing her Merry Christmas bandana.

Her furry soul now in heaven
Only memories of her presence
Linger around this holiday season.

No more presents will she receive
On this now cold Christmas Eve
Only my presents are under tree.

No jingle collar will be heard
As she smiles for a pose
On her favorite time of year.

All is quiet now in house
No dog to say Santa Paws
Will come tomorrow morning.

This Christmas will be sad
For my furry friend now lies dead
Only family will keep me somewhat glad.

No Celebrating My Dog’s Birthday Anymore

Tomorrow, December twenty second you’d be another year older
Your birthday bandana lies forgotten now
As your furry self is gone
No smiling birthday girl dog to sing too
No more singing her name
As she enjoys Dogster ice cream treat
No more opening up her presents
Excited when she sees food or toy
No more will she lick her thank yous
No more will she has presents
Three days before Christmas Day
And more when Christmas comes
No more celebrating my dog, Chelsey’s birthday anymore

Dog’s Take On Halloween

What’s up with weird costumes you wear once a year
Some are scary and look too funny on you
Why do you always want to put one on me too
Those bags smell good; I wish you would open one bag for me
But, you nudge me away, saying they’re bad for me
You are worry what would happen if I eat them
And why does door bell ring almost every minute
I bark; you hush me as you open door
Little voices shout: trick or treat
You grab a big bowl now with candies
And pass a few out as I watch with envy
Wishing I could grab those treats for myself
Alas, the Halloween decorations are too to reach
For I would like to get a hold of them
And you told me, I had to wait to do my business until after eight o’clock
I’m trying my best after woofling down Halloween biscuit and lapping tons of water
Will these two hours never end
Wake me up when this holiday is gone

On Halloween Night

On Halloween night they say there is
Curses, creatures and souls beyond the grave
Come to curse, haunt our world
To fill us with dread
To terrorize us to death
Creatures creep along silently
Until you feel the cold chill in the air
Or the feeling you are being watch
Curses rage more at this time of year
Be wary of what goes bump in the night
Watch your back for these Halloween creatures
Never know what to except on Halloween night

Pumpkin Picking

Rows of rounded orange pumpkins dot the field
Small ones you can lift with one hand
Large ones too heavy to carry
Which one will you choose
Different sizes; different shapes
They lie silently waiting for us to pick
Their blank faces they have now
Until we take knife; give them a wacky grin
It is the season of picking pumpkins
For Halloween is just around the corner