My Work At Home Co-Worker

My co-worker right now is furry
She is not much of a chatter box
She sleeps through work day
With food and breaks in between
I do my work while she sleeps
Knowing she will have energy later
For walk and attention she wants from me
I wouldn’t recommend for best employee of the year
Since she doesn’t do any work at all
I recommend her for best support system
She is there to help relieve my stress
She is my work at home co-worker
For this stay at home time

Springtime At Home

Spring has comes but it doesn’t feel like Spring.
The weather dips up and down; cold to warm; rain to snow.
One day nice and sunny. Next cold and cloudy.
White buds start to grow on trees I see from window
Slowly they will being to open to show their flowers.
I saw the blue heron fly across light-blue sky yesterday.
I exclaimed to my dog, “The blue heron has come to visit our lake today!”
My dog didn’t care as she was relaxing full length upon her bed.
And five minutes later I saw the heron fly away to some other place.
I sighed, “Maybe next time I will have my camera ready to photograph the heron again.”
I had been practicing my violin just one of many things to keep me busy in these trying times.
I keep busy with painting, reading, violin practice, learning, cooking, walking and playing with dog,
checking emails, working on computer, and what ever interest comes calling to me that I enjoy.
To many things I want to do in a day.
I try to change what I want to work on.
Computer ends up claiming me longer then excepted.
I make time for dog.
We take walks. Walk four times day.
We change were we walk.
She loves them. Keeps her happy.
I want my dog to be happy in these times.
She is a social dog who craves attention from people and dogs.
She is not happy not to go to dog events (I too miss dog events).
In meantime I have more time with her.
It is the season of shedding– I brush her creamy fur out
To get rid of loose fur tufting out in cotton ball clumps.
I pet her more.
I try to teach her about toys since she was puppy mill rescue who didn’t own one.
I hold her, snuggle, talk to her.
She is my companion I am glad to have around.
She keeps me busy. I love her.
It is quite on our walks up to a special place where hardly any people walk.
I hear, “When will it get back to normal”.
I don’t know but I am enjoying my time off with my dog.
As I had to be at work five times a day.
Now I have all day with her.
I keep our routine almost similar to when I was working.
I try to keep life normal for her.
She doesn’t understand what’s going on around her.
She looks at me with sad brown eyes, “when can we go shopping again.”
I tell her we have to wait. I will let her know.
I comfort her; give her space.
I gave her a brief foster dog friend to be with.
She helped him out– showed him humans are nice.
He is now adopted into home.
Now it’s her and I. She has me all to herself.
And I am glad I got a chance to foster.
As I love dogs; I got a chance to help a dog.
Life is strange at the moment.
I make the best of it.
I will make best of it in these trying times.

April 25th prompt from this site

How To Keep Busy When Home

How to keep busy staying at home?
Not being able to go in crowds;
Not being able to shake a hand;
Not being able to get close to a friend;
Not being able to go to events
Or hobby functions with many people.
I hang out with my dog more;
I can read the many books I haven’t started yet;
I can do my hobbies on my own;
I can practice playing my violin;
I can watch TV or movies;
I do anything on computer;
I can do anything on phone;
I can cook my meals;
I can sleep in;
Or I can write the day away.

No One To Greet Me

Stair landing is empty when I arrive home.
No one waiting; smiling at me waving their bushy tail.
Only a stuffed snowman sits in corner;
Branch arms up in greeting.
He will stay out for one more month, till he is put away.
Silence, no noise I hear when I get home.
No dog speaking, “I’m glad to see you!”
I trudge slowly up; silence is only there to greet me.
An empty void fills the home.
No one to greet me when I get home.

End Of The Day

Trudge through knee deep snow on starry night;
Where new snow glistens without single foot print ahead.
Through the woods I plod onward.
Smoke curls around a house
Beckons me home to warm against the cold.
I shake the coldness of snow and leave it at the door.
Gather a book and curl up close to blazing fireplace.
With dog sleeping on my feet.
Happy to be home in my cabin in the woods.


Is home in a high rise looking over a beach;
Or a secluded cottage tucked in a forest bed
Is home in a crowded city
With flashing lights flickering in evening
Along with noisy traffic honking all day long
Or is home in quiet suburbs
Where houses are spaced out
With neat trim lawns
And in the evening it’s silent
As you read a book before bed
Where is home?

All She Ask For Was A Loving Home

All she asked for
was a loving home,

but they put her
in a cage to small

with minimal food,
minimal water,

no one to play with.
Only saw a hand

through the cage
to feed her

with minimal food,
minimal water,

until the day
she saw through matted fur

a helpful hand,
a gentle hand,

take her away from
the awful place,

to be cleaned,
to be finally love,

finally remove the matted fur;
She licked her rescuer.

All she asked for
was a loving home.

Day 12th April Poem: Begin a poem with one of these opening lines: All she asked for…, All we asked for…, All I asked for…, or All you asked for….