New Life And Home For Dog

Sleeping dog in peacefully sleep

No cage bounds her anymore

Her tummy is well fed

No other dogs to fight or share food

No hearing barking all day long

She is adjusting well in new environment

No more a puppy mill momma

Now she has new life in loving home


New Environment

Out of car I’m picked up
Place on ground we walk
Toward my new home
I look at stairs;
I’ve never used before
You pick me up;
Carry me up stairs
Enter in; paws are wiped
Again I’m carried up stairs
You place me down
I look around
I nervously walk the rooms
Check out every space
My new home; my new life
Give me few days to settle in

No One To Greet Me

Stair landing is empty when I arrive home.
No one waiting; smiling at me waving their bushy tail.
Only a stuffed snowman sits in corner;
Branch arms up in greeting.
He will stay out for one more month, till he is put away.
Silence, no noise I hear when I get home.
No dog speaking, “I’m glad to see you!”
I trudge slowly up; silence is only there to greet me.
An empty void fills the home.
No one to greet me when I get home.

End Of The Day

Trudge through knee deep snow on starry night;
Where new snow glistens without single foot print ahead.
Through the woods I plod onward.
Smoke curls around a house
Beckons me home to warm against the cold.
I shake the coldness of snow and leave it at the door.
Gather a book and curl up close to blazing fireplace.
With dog sleeping on my feet.
Happy to be home in my cabin in the woods.


Is home in a high rise looking over a beach;
Or a secluded cottage tucked in a forest bed
Is home in a crowded city
With flashing lights flickering in evening
Along with noisy traffic honking all day long
Or is home in quiet suburbs
Where houses are spaced out
With neat trim lawns
And in the evening it’s silent
As you read a book before bed
Where is home?

All She Ask For Was A Loving Home

All she asked for
was a loving home,

but they put her
in a cage to small

with minimal food,
minimal water,

no one to play with.
Only saw a hand

through the cage
to feed her

with minimal food,
minimal water,

until the day
she saw through matted fur

a helpful hand,
a gentle hand,

take her away from
the awful place,

to be cleaned,
to be finally love,

finally remove the matted fur;
She licked her rescuer.

All she asked for
was a loving home.

Day 12th April Poem: Begin a poem with one of these opening lines: All she asked for…, All we asked for…, All I asked for…, or All you asked for….

Beaver Taking Wood Away

Beaver taking wood away
to build a new house.
Somewhere along the creek bed
where water flows deep.

He took the wood from loose boards
found in a pile waiting
for our new house to be built;
before we can settle in our cozy den.

But why take our wood? There are trees
where you plan to build.

Finding wood from disappearing forest
at a cost is hard now for you making
us pay more to finish our house instead.