Hot Summer July Birthday Party

It was hot as a firecracker
Sun sweltering down around
For a birthday party in July.
Under shaded umbrella
All gathered; singing Happy Birthday
To family who each
Had a birthday in July
In span of few days of each other.
July it seems always
To be the hottest time
To do a birthday outside
Among the whole family coming together.

April 10th prompt from this site

Pleading Parched Land Thirsts For Water

Parched land thirsts for water
As hot sun beats down mercifully
Sending hot waves of air
to suck up moisture from the land.

Land begs the sun to turn down heat
But, ignore goes the pleads
As sun sends more humid, hotness down
For land now cracking dry under heat.

When will the clouds come?
For sky is a naked blue ocean
With no clouds in the sky
No, rain comes for parched thirsty land.

Land wait and wait each day
Pleading for an end from sun rays
But, no answer will come
Until there is a change in the wind.

Give Me

Give me the warmth of the Sun’s rays
On a breezy day filled with blue skies
That are filled slow moving clouds.
Give me warm days to be out
Playing and walking a dog
Who at the end; finds a shady tree
To rest under its heavy branches
Filled with green thick leaves.
Give me Summer the season
Of warmth and sometimes hot days
Mixed in with relaxing breeze
Blowing through rustling trees.

5 Summer Haikus

Heated days; summer
Comes drenching through the days
hot; very humid

Days warm to summer
As the sun stays out longer
shining its rays down

Ice cream on a cone
Drips down my fingers as the
Summer came full swing

Heat raises from roads
As sun bakes like hot oven
During summertime

Temps soar high to cause
Me to jump into waiting
Water to cool down

Coming In From The Freezing Cold

Coming in from the freezing cold
Hands, toes, face are feeling cold.
Into a warm house I go
To the kitchen I know what to do.

Open the wooden cabinet wide
To grab a tall mug inside.
Next to the pantry I rummage
To find my favorite drink I make in winter.

One pouch of hot chocolate mix will do
For it is my favorite drink by far.
Fill up the mug with water
Then to the microwave it goes.

A few seconds to make the water hot.
Then tear the pouch and grab a spoon.
Dump the contents in the drink
Then stir to dissolve the mix.

Steam rises from the mug
Cold hands touch the sides.
Now bringing it to my lips
Feeling the warm drink finally going inside.

Hot chocolate tastes too good
I savor every last drop to the end.
Hands, toes, face feel warm again
Only from drinking the hot chocolate again.