Do you see me standing before you?
Do you see me seeing you at all?
Do you see me trying to grab your attention?
Do you notice me at all?
Am I invisible to you?
In your world I am.
I am just a small fleck in your world
To you I am invisible as can be.
I have tried to grab your attention.
But I am different from others
That are more handsome than I.
I am in love with you
But you still don’t see me.
In your world I am invisible to you.

I Am Here

I am here and you do not see me.
I am an invisible spot in your world.
I try to cry out and get your attention,
But still you do not see me.
I follow you around,
But, still you do not see me.
I wonder why you do not see me,
I try to find out.
I see you in the evening,
And you begin to cry.
I look to where you lay
And finally I know why.
I am gone from this world.
I have left you all alone.
Now I know why I am invisible,
I am only a ghost who’s new.

Invisible Cloud

Invisible cloud wanders through the night.
No one sees within its light.
It passes quietly by wishing it could be seen.
But everyone around is mean.
It keeps to itself away from all.
Hoping one day not to fall.
To fall away and disappear
Is not what will be in store.
One day the cloud will find what is within its core.
Knowing someone is out there as invisible as he.
Hoping to find that special someone in need.
The invisible cloud continues on through the night.
Hoping one day someone will see within its light.