Wind Manipulating Leaf

A leaf falls; floating in a wave pattern; twirling and swirling around side to side, up and down.

Wind manipulating falling leaf like a marionette; using no strings attach; side to side, up and down.


Floating Leaf

A leaf floats aimlessly down river
sun bathing to a golden Autumn color.
Not caring where it ends on journey
so long as there is wind to blow,
it wants to see the ocean before
cold winter sets in;
crumbing, cracking leaf to dust.

One Leaf

One leaf hangs above a tree alone
Winter snows blankets below
Cold winds blow through leaf
Pushing one way then another;
Back and forth it rustles
Singing the last leaf song
Another push the wind blows
Its invisible hand to pluck
The single leaf alone on tree.
Gently leaf looses its grip
To branch where it hung and waited.
Falls down slowly;
To the left;
To the right;
Than gently land upon snow blanket
Leaf the last of Fall–
And beginning of Winter.