Leaves Rustle

Evening comes with full moon high
Leaves rustle along branches
They shake for cold wind comes
Wind whisper among leaves
Telling them darkness will last longer
For which their color will drain
Turning them brown, red, orange and yellow
And one by one they drop in heaps to ground
Their life drying up crumbling when footsteps trod

Patch Of Brown Leaves

Among the tree full of green leaves
A patch of brown leaves I see
Standing out lonely from others.
Why are you not green like the rest?
Did you feel the cold quicker
In early months of the year
While the rest were still growing?
Did you bud to early and now
You turn old ready to fall to ground?
Or is it because the weather
Fluctuated from hot to cold
And so you lost your green pigment?
Silent not answering you’re attach
For you are too high in tree.
My words are muffled among
Your fellow leaves surrounding you.

More 5 Autumn Haikus

Autumn howls aloud,
Wrestling the through trees saying
Here I am now.

Autumn brings forth the
Changing colors of leaves that
The drop to cold ground.

Leaves raked close to form
High piles for one to jump in
Or to Watch the fun.

Crisp air and leave fall
Bringing Autumn to open
Its way for next phrase.

Autumn leaves swirl, dance
Through breezy day, in the air
Then gently to fall.


They whisper through the trees.
They crunch and crackle beneath feet.
They dance in the autumn air,
Swirling, twirling, spinning around
Then gentle land on the ground.
They shrivel and die when winter comes.
They grow on trees in sunny spring.
They show many colors of
Red, orange, yellow, green, brown
When cold weather brings them down.
They make nice beds for animals.
They make nice piles for jumping.
They are good for household chores
Such as raking, mulching and burning
To rid their endless that keep coming.
They are everywhere and beyond
They keep coming every year around end.