My Treat So Dear

Dear chocolate, I can’t be without you.
Your sweetness surpasses other desserts.
I enjoy the dark, richness you offer;
Instead of the white variety.
I use to eat so much of you when young
But now I have cut back on how much I eat.
Hope you don’t mind;
But I try to eat a small piece every day.
When I’m on vacation I miss you.
I try to find ways to bring or buy a piece.
When I don’t eat you I miss the taste you have;
That smooth, bitter, creamy taste;
Which sends me over the edge.
When you enter my mouth
I close my eyes; savor all of you.
Chocolate, you and will always be with me
For that you are my treat so dear.

Winter And Spring Letter

I write to say my season is not done yet.
Another two weeks of snow and ice it will be.
Days will be cold; ground will still be frozen.
I am sorry for late word.

This torture to prolong my season,
I want to see my flowers bloom.
I want warm air to blow through
Instead of freezing cold.
Why, must you add two weeks of more winter.

It is this year to add more winter.
It won’t be negative degrees
Like three weeks ago.
I’ll keep it tame; don’t you worry.
Your season will come soon enough.

Thank you for my concern.
This will give me time to prepare.
I will call the clouds and the rains
And whisper to the winds
To start two weeks after this cold.
Spring will come then
With budding daffodils and flowering trees.
Any more changes let me know
For the people are tired of winter now.

Flea and Dog Letter

I have come to write my thank you, to you, oh dog.
In your dense thick fur I have made my home.
I am small enough to enjoy the whole vastness of the fur.
Your fur is jungle as I navigate from one end to another
As I try to escape your paws from scratching your fur.
I will not leave now as your fur is nice and warm.
I am digging in with my all my legs and unpacked my stuff.
I thank you again for the new home and giving you the bite of a flea.

— From Flea

Dearest Flea, I received your short letter.
I am unhappy you made me your home and I don’t want you in my fur.
You make me itchy making me scratch my fur constantly.
I want you find another dog to bother and not me.
You are so small I have hard time trying to reach you.
I have tried everything on my own to get rid of your annoyingness.
But, now I have whined and showed my owner I need help.
They have found something to get rid you.
So, enjoy your brief stay until the flea and tick solution kicks in.
For I will be glad when you die and fall out of my fur.

— From Dog

To My Eleven Year Self

I’m your adult self many years from now
There are some things I wish you knew then
Things in life are going to get tough
Loss of your best friend, the family dog,
Will be diffult for you to express your feelings
Try to talk about with your family
There will be other losses too
Some close to home; others just relatives
I know it going to be hard
Just try to be open
Don’t bottle up your emotions
They will eventually spill over
Causing more trouble then its worth
Don’t be so hard on yourself
You must try not to close your book
And my younger self;
Don’t try to be perfect at everything;
Its OK to make mistakes
Sometimes you learn more from failure
And keep up with the creative brain of yours
Its the best outlet to de-stress
And best medicine to get lost in
So, enjoy it while you can
Cause I love my creativity
Which can save you in the end

April 19th Prompt: Write an epistolary poem (a poem in the form of a letter) to your younger self, at a very particular age, tell yourself something you wish you had known then..

Two Countries Across Ocean Letter

Across oceans we lie.
Days are frigidly cold.
Snow and ice blanket the ground.
It feels thou I am far northern then I am.
I stay wrapped in blankets hidden under many layers.
The tundra moves through to slowly; I wish for warmth.
I wish to visit you across the southern ocean far.
– North America

Our country is warm indeed.
No cold has come our way.
Sun shines giving warm heat.
Blankets lie in closet waiting for our day;
When weather will turn bitter cold.
Your temperatures will flux again,
While we continue with warmer weather;
Stay warm my friend till then.
— Australia

Life and Death Letter

Death, stop your gloom and doom.
You always look so downcast.
Why, can’t you see happiness
in joys of what surround you?

Easy for you to say, Life.
You, make everything so full
of your life. You bring in
new beginnings. There is
no sorrow or grief.

Your letters leave me
wondering if I can show you
the souls you take
still gives their love ones hope.

Hope in what?
That dying is not the end?
I’ve heard too many times
from you before;
death may not be the final end.

I know we converse back and forth;
but again open your dark heart
to see that we are part
of the cyle of life and death.
In which not all you take
is gone from loves ones.

I will try to remember.
You, Life give good wisdom.
I will write again
in hoping I will see
your meaning in what you said.

Anytime my fellow worker.
I will wait to hear from you
and write again soon.

Will Be Flying Over Soon [Letter To Yellow Orchid Flower]

Yo, my orchid flower friend!
I have been buzzing around busy
As any bumble bee can be.
I your got letter a little late,
Since I had recently moved around town.
I am bringing more pollen holders as you suggest.
I will see if other friends can come too;
As more the merrier we can throw a party.
To bury my head into to leaves for pollen;
I can’t wait to get pollen dirty.
Alas, this maybe be my last year
Us bees never know how soon we will go.
I fly quickly to your open bloomed flower side.
I will sing you a knew buzzing tune.
Until then my yellow friend hold your pollen for me longer.
Your busy buzzing friend, bee.