New Life Comes

Sing songs of joy.
Comes new life;
That death will be no more.
Break through with new beginnings.
Nothing misses the beat.
Life doesn’t sit around.
Brighten into similes,
Comes bounding into the light.

The poem that I used is called Evolution by John Banister Tabb

April 18 prompt from this site


In Another Life

What life would I have if I was born to a different couple?
A mom and dad who never got divorce;
Who had three kids instead of two.
Positive support system that could always be counted on.
A dad who said “I could do anything
And you can live the life you want.”
Parents encouraging my passion for taking photos and writing.
How I would on go to college taking classes that appealed to me
Instead of ridged major with no light at end of tunnel.
And graduate with custom course study
After five years instead of four.
Helping to pay my own by my photography and writings.
How after I started traveling around the world.
Continue learning and writing what I found.
Taking photos of my travels.
Blog about my travels with enthusiasm.
Then finding a way to make money.
Promote myself through writing and photos.
Even adding a dog companion to my travels.
We would travel from point to the next.
Finally creating a top selling book
After someone took notice of my blog.
How now a couple of books were published.
Then returning to home setup a photography business.
Which in turn became a big success.
As I continued my writing on the side.
The other day I met my alternative self
Sitting in a coffee shop with laptop
Typing away with the dog
Laying down beside the over comfy chair.
We greeted each other; ordered drinks.
I asked, “how did you manage to get this better life?’
Replied: “Through positive energy;
knowing what you want you can always get
no matter how hard it is to accomplish.”
With that we talked how I could still make my dreams come true.

April 17th Prompt: Imagine the life you would have led if you had been born under very different circumstances—in another country or to another couple or at a different century—and describe or narrate it. End your poem with an account of you yourself today meeting up with that other person.

Enjoy Life With A Smile

Often I wish I were
a banana.

Mouth in a smile
every single day.

Enjoying the life
around me.

Traveling around the world
learning new cultures.

Do the things
I love to do.

Make an adventure
from my curiosity.

With a wide grin
on my face.

Instead of being parked
in with no place to go.

April 15th Prompt: Katerina Stoykova has written, “Often I wish I Were/ a potato. //Eyes opened/ in all directions.” Begin a poem with “Often I wish I Were/” and complete the stanza with another fruit of vegetable. Your second line should describe what you would be like. Then see where that takes your poem.

Feather Falling From Sky

Falling from the sky as light as can be
I see white feather hovering in breeze.
Falling silently; gently down from sky
Hovering it is not; glides back and forth,
Feather moves down slowly in a great arc.
To its finally resting place I see
On surface of roadway waiting for me;
To pick feather up I will with great haste;
Because I know it will bring me good luck.
For I hope this will turn my life around
With this feather in hand fortune changes
My life is uplifted to happy day.

This is the second time I have revised this poem. The previous title was Fall From The Sky. Since the original was close to a blank verse, I decided to edit it as such. So, each line is 10 syllables.