Morning Light

Black inky morning traveling by car.
Alone I drive in the wee hours
Watching as sky turns from midnight black
To bright blue skies with wispy clouds
As I drive the light begins to rise
Slowly black to turns royal blue
Then ocean blue to soft baby blue
Pinks show through clouds
Sun peaks out to brighten the day
Road is one I can see better now
As my destination comes to an end

April 1st Prompt: Write about a time when you left somewhere very early in the morning: How did you travel? Who was with you? And what was the light like, from beginning to end of the trip?

Light Filters

Morning has come through as
Light filters through the curtain
Between my slanted shades
I see dust particles swirl
As lift the curtain shades to on coming light
Which tells me today it is time to dust

April 28th prompt: Ask another poet to give you one line from an unfinished poem of theirs while you give the poet one of yours. Both of you write a poem and compare them when you are finished (or post a line in the comments section below, and look for a posted line in return).

Darken Streets

Each evening light begins to fades minute by minute
Until nighttime awakens to darken skies
Only lights are lamplights to light ones way
Outside city limits are they found
Dotting the darken streets
Every few houses have one lit
Until you drive down one street
And nothing; darken envelopes you
As you drive down with no light source
Finding your way blindly to find a friend’s home

5 Moon Haikus

Oh, lady light that shines
Through pocketed grey clouds of night
Why tis only the moon.

Silver beams rain down
Only the moon lights the path
On the wishing tree.

Moon will show its face
When full and rounded on nights
For only three times.

Why hide behind clouds
Moon will not show itself for
Stormy weather comes.

White pale in the sky
A round ball of streaming light
Moon brightens the night.

Gentle Hand

Gentle hands leads towards light
Wraps around my being
Encasing me with joy of leaving
A world I knew for so long
What’s on other side I do not know
I follow with new wonder
What will I see, who will I see
It will be a guessing game for me
No more pain and sorrow
For I will be wrapped with light
With gentle hands leading me towards light.