Rain Thunder Lightning Haikus

Rain splatters window
Till water droplets fog pane
Can’t see out window

Thunder grumbles near
Unhappy they seem to be
Too loud for my ears

Lightning zig zags down
As it looks like ripping sky
Open to pour rain


A Storm Show

Sky lights up in dark rainy night to put on a stormy show.

Jagged lightning streaks nakedly at random points.

It brings a show for upcoming thunder which now roars across sky.

Thunder Song

Loud, thunderous, bang;
Rumbling, roaring, cracking;
It comes raging across the skies;
Giving all who hears a grumbling welcoming.
It comes across the darken skies
Bring other elements of rain and lightning;
Along for the ride to continue its grand show.
Grand it is with loud cracking being hear,
With lightning flashing through the sky
And rain keeping a downpour rhythm.
With the symphony now in grand wonder,
Now it’s time for the final act.
The lightning begins to lessen
As the rain comes to a fading ending;
With a loud glorious bang the thunder
Ends its loud, thunderous song.