How A Dog Gets Attention

I nose owner in the leg

I find nearest object to put teeth on

I paw owner’s pant leg

I place paws on owner’s knee

I run around; zooming fast

I find squeaky toy; one which squeaks loud

I nudge food dish closer to owner

I speak my complaints in yodeling barks

And if those not work;

I put snout where it doesn’t belong:

Trash or food bags left out in easy reach

Trail of Western Memories

A Trail of Memories:
Dark Canyon, Silver Canyon
Haunted Mesa,
which lie Beyond the Great Snow Mountains
and Where the Long Grass Blows
Down the Long Hills
to The Empty Land
Passin’ Through them a
Frontier Under the Sweetwater Rim
where Rivers West May There Be A Road
which is Westward the Tide
under the Valley of the Sun
you can Ride the River
and take the Long Ride Home
on How the West Was Won
in great adventures
from an author who has
written great western novels
through the years.

Here is another one of my favorite authors Louis L’amour who has written tons of western novels. I have read almost all of them when I was growing up. The titles are in italics.

Searching For Lost Empire

Here is my attempt of a list poem.

A Lost Empire, The Kingdom;
Atlantis Found is the Lost City
Of some Treasure; The Solomon Curse
Somewhere on The Rising Sea
Sunk somewhere away from the Sahara
Nestled in Poseidon’s Arrow heart;
Is what a Mirage like a Ghost Ship, Cyclops,
Which disappeared in The Storm,
Typhoon Fury was like a Shock Wave
For the Plague Ship, Eye of Heaven,
Pharaoh’s Secret, The Emperor’s Revenge, Sacred stone
Are all lumped together as Built for Adventure.

I used titles from one of my favorite Authors, Clive Cussler.
The tiles are as follow:
1# A Lost Empire
2# The Kingdom
3# Atlantis Found
4# Lost City
5# Treasure
6# The Solomon Curse
7# The Rising Sea
8# Sahara
9# Poseidon’s Arrow heart
10# Mirage
11# Ghost Ship
12# Cyclops
13# The Storm
14# Typhoon Fury
15# Shock Wave
16# Plague Ship
17# Eye of Heaven
18# Pharaoh’s Secret
19# The Emperor’s Revenge
20# Sacred stone
21# Built for Adventure

April 3 prompt from this site


Dim the lights they are ready
Crowd is silent and waiting.
Upon the stage musicians sit
For the wand to start them playing.
Conductor waves and away they start:
Flutes, oboes, clarinet, piccolo, bells open;
As low instruments come in and out,
Like tubas, bassoon, bass clarinet,
euphonium, baritone saxophone, trombone;
Trumpets, cornet, french horns,
alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
weave in and out as they give their sound;
To play in time with help from
Snare drums, base drums, wood block, triangle,
keyboard, xylophone and to finish,
the song with the loud crash of the cymbal.

April 7th prompt: A list poem.