When Golden Serpent Comes

Golden serpent squeezes around my waist
Tries to extort more out my draining purse
He will squeeze what’s left
Until I feel winded and blue
Why take all that I have
To leave me with nothing but one drop
Your squeezing pressure to take and take
Unitl you leave your victims with barely enough to get by
You watch as we stratch the surface again
Waiting till we get enough
You strike again with your deadly coils
Where can one go to escape your deadly grasp?


A choice to live forever or to die
Is not simple one to hide.
Live forever to see all who pass by
While you stroll along with heavy sigh.
Wait of all you knew through many centuries untold
Gardner to much one can see though time’s folds.
Dying now as choice for your life will end
Gone back to ground as dust as nature intend.
No worries– no fears– nothing to think and do
Gone are you and everything you knew.
Immorality is to live forever–
Why choose this– I would never.