Memories of A Best Friend: My Dog Chelsey

Before holidays she passed from this world.
Sleeping in her walking outfit ready for a walk.
I miss four paws padding their way from room to room.
A walk schedule drawn to a halt; no dog to take outside.
Collar lies on an empty bed; no dog to hear jingling of tags.
Tears for one I really miss now on a cold lonely night.
I cuddled her one last time before she parted;
As I pictured her pushing me away with a paw;
No cuddles she liked at all.
She rests in peace her journey now done.
No more pictures of her; showing her gorgeous grin
The dog model has left the building in style with a scarf;
Her tail curled as she left me with many pictures and memories.
How I miss every inch of you; wishing to pet you once more.

Ten long years we were together.
You pulled me through my ups and down.
Gave me your fur for me to pet; when needed comfort.
You made laugh as you zoomed around from room to room;
Sometime with a stuff toy in your mouth.
Even when you were a senior you enjoy your toys.
Your smile always brightened my gloomy days.
Our walks were always something entertaining;
Whether or not of what animals we would encounter and chase.
You were silent; showed your love in many ways.
Going out; everyone commented on how pretty you were.
You were the one to get me out of the home more.
I will remember you my friend forever
Through many photos and writings I have done of you.

With having you in my life; I will be ready when time is right
To bring another pup into my home.
You gave me time and patience with being my first dog I ever own.
For I learned from you as you learned from me,
I know now more to love another animal then before.
Another one will come; maybe you will even help choose;
For you know which one will mend a broken heart.
To make me whole and happy again.
I will always miss you, my best friend, the first you will always be
You just wait in heaven and someday I will see you again soon.