Looking For Lost Hook

Where have I laid down my hook?
My gleaming, shining hook
Which I wear upon my lost hand.
Was it upon the map table
Perhaps sandwiched between maps.
Maybe I left it when dining?
The steak might have my hook
Embed into it tender center.
I don’t recall placing it back
In the velvet case which it belongs
When I am not currently using it.
No, my crew wouldn’t play a trick on me.
They would know one of them
Would walk the plank.
Only one other could be so cruel
As a joke to take my hook.
For he torments my life
Flying above out of reach
Doesn’t he know how much
My hook really means to me?

April 15 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/


Dreams Disappear Only To Come Back Later

Dreams disappear in cloud of smoke
Particles only remain in dust
Of lost dreams that are gone
Never to come true they have parted the mind
Disappeared forever until a day
When something hits you over the head
Brings you back and to the dream you thought had gone

Gaze Lost In Mindless Thought

Distance rumble I do not hear
As I sit near windowsill
Gaze lost in mindless thought
I hear the inner echo of my mind
Telling me there is something out there
But, old fragile husk of my body
Senses that there is nothing to fear
I sit lost in time to all around
Not knowing what distance rumble has come
My body has quell itself to the end
But, yet my mind wants to continue on
Hoping the body might come back as one

The Poet

On an island he wanders with thoughts tucked under his arm
Nothing but the wide waving grassy sandy beaches
To hear his elegy of words as he writes upon parachment paper.
He alone lost in contemplating the new sonnet
Enabled only by the distance love back in mainland
If only she hadn’t left him out in the cold
Surely he could find a way to win back her love.
Letters he poured into her mailbox before he left.
Along he walks upon the beach searching for words
None come to light as he is lost in his own
Delusional world of scatter endless thoughts.

Deleting Smartphone Camera Album

Why did I accidentally delete you
You were to start my growing collection
I spent countless hours trying to find some fragment
Of missing photos and videos you had
Inside your technical wrapped folder
I long to find you in cyberspace
But it is vast in the etherspace of time
What I give to view my photos and videos again
To laugh, to show them off to other
Alas, it is not to be, I scour the internet
Trying to find some way to bring back
My photos and videos I have lost.
For it was meant be, there were others too
But I didn’t need those back at all
One month of having new phone
I praise that I can find away to reproduce
Maybe a fraction of what was lost
I am glad you didn’t have more saved
Only a fraction lost to time
For what I had taken photos and videos of
Was only my dog and some nature things.
My dog is still here for me
I can take photos whenever I want
She has lifted me out
For now it is no big deal anymore
I find I got worked out for nothing
Just a few photos which didn’t mater at all
Now I know to be more observant
Backup or download an app to help me
In case it ever happens again.

April 26, 2015 Poem: Write an elegy for something (rather than someone) that you have lost, using the three traditional stages of the elegy for three parts of your poem: the lament for the loss, praise for the lost, and consolation for those left behind.