Words Would Be Lost

Words are held tight to my chest

For if I let go, they will tumble out

Into a raging torrent river

To be lost for ever upon the ocean

Where waves will drown them

So they can not speak themselves out

In clear understanding way.

Loss Of My Dog

I lost her early in morning
I went to work worried and stress
She was barely there on flooring
I called mom to assess
She said she looks calm
Finally peacefully sleeping there
I still felt qualm
Said don’t disturb her where
She finally is at rest
I came home; we took her to vet
I cried upon her fur close to my breast
Vet confirmed passing of my beloved pet
I felt heavy loss through the days
For she was like a child in many ways

April 4th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

What To Do Now That You’re Gone

What to do now that you’re gone?
You gave me support by being here.
Your fur as I petted; comforted me when I was down.
You were the one to keep me going.
I am lost without you.
My days run into a blur.
One after another they melt into water.
I walk in a daze with no direction.
I need you back to help me again.
Sadness rules my time.
What do I do now that you are gone?
My best furry friend I miss you too much.

Looking For Lost Hook

Where have I laid down my hook?
My gleaming, shining hook
Which I wear upon my lost hand.
Was it upon the map table
Perhaps sandwiched between maps.
Maybe I left it when dining?
The steak might have my hook
Embed into it tender center.
I don’t recall placing it back
In the velvet case which it belongs
When I am not currently using it.
No, my crew wouldn’t play a trick on me.
They would know one of them
Would walk the plank.
Only one other could be so cruel
As a joke to take my hook.
For he torments my life
Flying above out of reach
Doesn’t he know how much
My hook really means to me?

April 15 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/