The Other Day

Other day, I saw your picture
Your smile radiated proudly
Of memories from photo shoots
You took part and I captured.

I long to tell you in person
What has happened so far
Since you have been gone
As you would listen quietly
When I would talk to you.

Maybe I’ll talk to your picture
The one I saw the other day.

Shards Of Memories

I traveled with mom
Back where grandma
Grew up in small town.

Times had changed
An old road where nothing stood
Big shopping centers now dot around.

Old memories stir
Trying to find the house
And park where once
My mom visited long ago.

Little shards of memories surface
Seeing different landmarks
Stories shared with me
What life was like fifty years ago.

A to Z Memories

Alas, I can not
Began to gather
Certain moments which
Don’t come
Easy for me.

Fallen like
Glass they
Have begun to wilt.

If I could
Join my broken memories
Keepsakes I wish to
Look upon and keep.

Memories what are they
No more then
One of thousand that are form in kind.

Patterns of memories lie
Quietly in my mind broken as I
Reach to gather them together.

Such as it is
These memories slide through
Until I can find away to
View them in better light.

When will memories come as whole
Xenium from a stranger
Yet I don’t know because they
Zizz around my mind scattering before me.

April 19th prompt from this site

Memories of A Best Friend: My Dog Chelsey

Before holidays she passed from this world.
Sleeping in her walking outfit ready for a walk.
I miss four paws padding their way from room to room.
A walk schedule drawn to a halt; no dog to take outside.
Collar lies on an empty bed; no dog to hear jingling of tags.
Tears for one I really miss now on a cold lonely night.
I cuddled her one last time before she parted;
As I pictured her pushing me away with a paw;
No cuddles she liked at all.
She rests in peace her journey now done.
No more pictures of her; showing her gorgeous grin
The dog model has left the building in style with a scarf;
Her tail curled as she left me with many pictures and memories.
How I miss every inch of you; wishing to pet you once more.

Ten long years we were together.
You pulled me through my ups and down.
Gave me your fur for me to pet; when needed comfort.
You made laugh as you zoomed around from room to room;
Sometime with a stuff toy in your mouth.
Even when you were a senior you enjoy your toys.
Your smile always brightened my gloomy days.
Our walks were always something entertaining;
Whether or not of what animals we would encounter and chase.
You were silent; showed your love in many ways.
Going out; everyone commented on how pretty you were.
You were the one to get me out of the home more.
I will remember you my friend forever
Through many photos and writings I have done of you.

With having you in my life; I will be ready when time is right
To bring another pup into my home.
You gave me time and patience with being my first dog I ever own.
For I learned from you as you learned from me,
I know now more to love another animal then before.
Another one will come; maybe you will even help choose;
For you know which one will mend a broken heart.
To make me whole and happy again.
I will always miss you, my best friend, the first you will always be
You just wait in heaven and someday I will see you again soon.

Chili Time

Fall and cold are in the air
Mom makes her famous chili
Hint of spice to tackle the cold outside
You sniff the aroma is strong
Like smelling inside a flower
Big bowl is waiting,
Waiting to fill you up
You take a bit
Feel the warmth rush though
Heating you from head to toe
The coldness leaves you
You finish, satisfy from a warm meal
Knowing there are leftovers for another day

At Video Store

I am in a video store with younger sister
Trying to pick out a movie for weekend
I am not quite twelve yet in spring of 1994
School year almost out,
Almost every Friday my sister and I
Head out to rent a movie or two
Bulky videotapes line shelves
That in distance future will be replace
Our quick minds find what we want
We race to see who, with video in hand
Makes it to counter first
Knowing first one there has first dibs on a jars of pogs;
A passing fad game we rarely played
Only just collecting the round discs
With different images on them

April 27th, 2015 poem: Write about a shopping trip you took with one of your parents or grandparents or with a childhood friend. Try to pinpoint the year it took place and include something in the poem from that year which no longer exists.

First Photo

Short black wet hair which in few week may fall out
Eyes closed, perhaps only squinting
Chubby baby cheeks where in a few years later
Will have for a short time again because of a jaw operation
To fix what can not be seen in photo, an overbite
Covered snugly in clothes for warmth
Laying in an 80s baby car seat carrier
Who doesn’t know what the world would hold for them

April 22nd poem: Retrieve from files or from your memory the first photo that was ever taken of you. Describe yourself then, both what you see and what you do not see there.

Looking Through The Window

I look out back window and a young child
of eight, running bases around the yard
wearing ball cap is my young self twenty-five years ago.
Laughing, having fun with cousins
chasing, hitting balls, playing baseball
not knowing in few years life will change;
puberty will come striking like a coiling snake
changing their life molding it into something else.

I want to step into the scene
tell myself not to worry;
to give advice about what will happen;
give hope to this happy child
before the happiness drains ways;
withering like a flower in hot dry sun.

I want to open the window
shout out stand up for yourself
but, no words come out of my mouth;
you are out of ear shot, as I watch
you enjoy your game of ball,
not knowing the hyenas will be nipping
at you heels in a few years.