First Photo

Short black wet hair which in few week may fall out
Eyes closed, perhaps only squinting
Chubby baby cheeks where in a few years later
Will have for a short time again because of a jaw operation
To fix what can not be seen in photo, an overbite
Covered snugly in clothes for warmth
Laying in an 80s baby car seat carrier
Who doesn’t know what the world would hold for them

April 22nd poem: Retrieve from files or from your memory the first photo that was ever taken of you. Describe yourself then, both what you see and what you do not see there.

Looking Through The Window

I look out back window and a young child
of eight, running bases around the yard
wearing ball cap is my young self twenty-five years ago.
Laughing, having fun with cousins
chasing, hitting balls, playing baseball
not knowing in few years life will change;
puberty will come striking like a coiling snake
changing their life molding it into something else.

I want to step into the scene
tell myself not to worry;
to give advice about what will happen;
give hope to this happy child
before the happiness drains ways;
withering like a flower in hot dry sun.

I want to open the window
shout out stand up for yourself
but, no words come out of my mouth;
you are out of ear shot, as I watch
you enjoy your game of ball,
not knowing the hyenas will be nipping
at you heels in a few years.

Dog Days of Memories

What the dog days of memories
From long ago creep in my mind;
I sigh with the thoughts
Of those good days now past.
That I wish I could go back
Relive one of those memories
That was so good to me.
I can’t go back to those days,
For they must be left in the past;
But I can relive in my mind,
The memories of those dog days
That makes me smile whenever they creep in.

April 18th prompt. Write a poem using dead metaphors one or more by using the old meaning or coming up with a new one

Devoted Dog

Devoted were you for as
long as you lived.
No fence was needed
for you stayed in the yard.
Never needed the leash;
You stood by my side always.
From outside I would call
you came when name was said.
You were there when I needed
a pick up on a sad day.
Devoted dog were you;
The best I could ever have;
Now you are gone
only in memory will you remain.


Memories are written in the hearts;
In the mind, in the soul;
Not just a photo clicked to capture;
Not just a video, taped to watch.
Memories gathered throughout time;
Of objects that are kept;
Keep the memories alive
To look back;
To view;
To gather together in one area;
Memories can last a long time.