Memory Falls Loose

Memory falls loose from mind

I see you sleeping against balcony windows

One paw resting closest to windows

While other paw rested on carpet

Your head in middle resting peacefully

Tired from doing window watching duties

You were so vigilant watching

Knowing what went on out there before I did

New Arrival

Small, three and half year stands on tiptoes
Peer into window glass in awe
Holding a care bear for one on other side
Staring in room, mom with baby cradle in arms
A baby sister to play with it
She looks too small to interact
When will I see her close up
Not, yet my grandma saids.
Will see her later when at home

Your Leaves

Where have you gone for leaves are changing colors
Sun sinks behind leaving leaves brown, wilted
Falling to ground now piling with old leaves
I pick one up, it cracks, crumbling in my hand
Like a memory fading in distant wind
Will you come back or are you gone forever?
Leaves left on tree whisper your name
Until they fall silent, unplucking themselves
They too fall in spiral down to cold ground
I don’t dare touch for they too will crumble to dust
Leaving me with nothing left of you
I am now left staring at a naked tree
That once was full of leaves now gone
Are you really gone, gone forever?

Lawn Mower

I remember the tall grass
Up to my little knees
As I raced with my cousin;
Laughing as we played.

The sound of the lawn mower
Comes to the back with a loud roar.
Then stops with sputter as;
Grandpa stops the engines.

“Get up,” he says with a wide grin
We both climb atop; one on each knee.
He holds us tight so not to let us fall.
Stars the engines; here we go!

Drive around the back we mow;
Together with our grandpa
We both ride high; enjoying our time
Being close to our grandpa for another time.

April 6th prompt; Write a rememory from childhood.

Your Smile

Your smile I still see in front of me.
That big grin so soft and gentle.

Always a smile on your face
With a twinkle in your eye.

You enjoyed my seeing you
As I was only a young child.

What a joy was I in your life,
Even though I knew you, to short it was to be.

That big smiling grin will still with me forever.
Even now I think you are still smiling from up above.

Every time I smile, Grandpa
I will remember it was your smile that helped me make mine.

Unlock The Chest

Take the key and unlock the chest,
That is where they are stored.
Stored in a chest in the back of one’s mind eye.
Shift through until I find the right one
Like bury treasure waiting to be found.
Each one unique in every way,
They hold that special value like gems of different shapes and sizes.
Pick one out and examine it, let it sparkle in the light.
See the crystals inside tell a story of some snippet of one’s life.
Some are as bright as day while others look clouded and grey.
These clouded greys begin to lose their focus,
They dim losing their clarity with time.
Over time new gems are added with bright colors,
You can see through the crystals bright as day
They are a wonder to see them dance in the light over and over again.
Placed back in the chest were they are stored
Waiting for another time when gems are needed
To see a mind’s story once more.