Books To Learn

April poetry month has started. As usual this month I will be writing 2 poems a day. One from here and the other from my library. Here are the links to both sites. Library link and

I read the books to learn.
To devour them whole
Until they become a part of me.
I thirst for the knowledge of reading.
My thirst never quells
As it hungers for more books to read.
My reading is multidimensional
Fiction to non-fiction get roped in
Under my watchful eyes I open them to read.
I glide through books
One, two or three at a time.
Reading anywhere I can.
It is my sanctuary in reading;
When I can get lost in learning from books.

April 1st prompt from this site

Computer Problem Slang

Woman called with computer problem
Computer tech listened to her;
Saw the problem exists between chair and keyboard
Told her what to do step by step
Got past the Error 404 Not Found
When she at last saw page she needed
She was finally glad
To get to what you see is what you get editor
Thanked the tech; hung up and finished her work

April 8th prompt from this site