Rope The Moon

I wish I could catch the moon

Lasso moon with thick rope

Pull and pull until moon comes closer to me

I want to eye moon with great care

See it’s nooks and crannies

See if there is really a face in the moon

Bathe in its glow until I remove rope

And watch as moon ascend again in night sky

Moon And Sun Letter

I got your letter this morning, Moon
I saw you as you dipped under the horizon
Disappearing to sleep soon
How are your stars last evening
Were they twinking bright
I wish I could view that sight

Sun, thank you for your letter this evening
Stars did put on a beautiful show
There sight was was something to behold
I hear you are lonely when you rise
Maybe one day, both of us will see each other
As you rise up and I go down

Yes, alone sometimes I am
A passing cloud sometimes arrives
Most time its voided only with blue sky
A rainbow comes to cheer me up
When clouds had dropped their buckets of rain
I can not wait to glimpse you again

Cheer Sun, I have problem with bickering stars
For they squabble among each other
Who is the brightest?
Who can out shine the other stars
Be grateful my friend
We will see each when we realign

Alright my friend, I will catch you then
Till next write again soon
Your truly yours, the Sun

I as well see you when you rise
I’ll write some more to keep you occupied
Your friend, the Moon

April 16 prompt from this site

Moon Has Come

Moon has come
Rising high above my head in
Glowing, radiant light spreading the
Milky light shining down in darken evening,
Your beams mesmerized me or
They beckon with their airy arms saying, “come
Let me gather you in,
Wash you with my light before the
Darkness dissipate to morning”,
I have come
I bury myself within your light; when
Will you come again in your fullest as you’re
Roundness hasn’t diminished for I looked
On coming days and have to wait for
You come or
Enjoy your company til it lasts; I come
My arms out strech to hold you without
Worrying when it will end without warning,
Evening begans to wane we gives kisses
To each other and
Wait for dawn. Dawn welcomes
As you slip away again, you’ll
Wave your airy arms as I find
There is no way to keep you close here.
One last look before
As you dip under the rising sun, I see you
One last time and
Now gone till another time the
Days and nights I oftener
Think the world of you
Call for you to come
But, not fast you’re not here
I think of how I miss the
Sweet lips, in time what more
Can I say; I’ll
Love you as I have adore
Every moon beam sent from you.

This poem uses the last word from a poem called “A Welcome” by Thomas O. Davis

Moon Looks like Milk

O, you moon which looks like creamy milk.
Moon beams shine down on the Earth,
Like a spotlight from up above
You give light in the darkest of places.
Your looks of indented surfaces
Look like a cookie that is too good to eat.
I wish I could take you down
To eat your delicate surface.
But no I won’t;
I will gaze upon your whiteness for as long as I can
Letting your shining light wash over
And let it illuminate within me instead.

5 Haikus of Sun and Moon

Sun melts snow to wet
Puddles which shimmer sparkles
From afternoon sun

Moon’s light glows through night
Shining beams down to brighten
A forest party

Golden sun shines its
Brightest at noon when full in
Blue sky by itself

Moon tonight looks like
White cheddar cheese with many
Nooks and deep crannies

Sun and moon meet when
Ones rises and one falls on
Sunset and sunrise

5 Moon Haikus

Oh, lady light that shines
Through pocketed grey clouds of night
Why tis only the moon.

Silver beams rain down
Only the moon lights the path
On the wishing tree.

Moon will show its face
When full and rounded on nights
For only three times.

Why hide behind clouds
Moon will not show itself for
Stormy weather comes.

White pale in the sky
A round ball of streaming light
Moon brightens the night.