Winter Morning Walk

Morning snow lays heavy on branches
A winter wonderland I wake up to
Snow is deep when we step out
Dog bounds ahead excited
Blue booties kicking up snow
As she goes racing
I try to keep up
Thanks goodness for retractable leash
I watch her play in snow
Reaching up close to her belly
Looks like if it snows anymore
She will get lost in mountain of snow
On this winter morning

Light Filters

Morning has come through as
Light filters through the curtain
Between my slanted shades
I see dust particles swirl
As lift the curtain shades to on coming light
Which tells me today it is time to dust

April 28th prompt: Ask another poet to give you one line from an unfinished poem of theirs while you give the poet one of yours. Both of you write a poem and compare them when you are finished (or post a line in the comments section below, and look for a posted line in return).

City Becomes Awake

Skies are dark in early morning
City along winding river sleeps
Only little noise, not enough to wake
Rush of red taillights steak through
Awakes the sleeping giant
Until city buzzes alive
With morning sounds of taffic;
People walking noisily on street
Curtain eyes open windows wide
Light peaks in to new day
City shades its eyes against sunrise
Opens its arms to people and traffic today

Blue Heron

Early in morning he comes to lake
He stands motionless; watching all around him
He is slender with skinny legs standing in water
Dips his white head at the slightest noise
I see him almost every morning
Same location across the other side
He has come since first I saw him there
His blueish feathers beautiful
Against the green tall grass behind him
I am quiet as a mouse not to disturb is thinking
As I slowly bring my camera up
He lets me snap photos of him until
The hour is too hot or noise is too much
He soars into the air; glides away
Until I see him again tomorrow morning