Return of Shedding Fur

Time of year has come for dog to shed winter coat.
Returns in small single fur flying off when petted.
Days later fur begins to be pulled by tufts.
Brushing is the rule each other day.
Fur brushed off turns into a pile.
It grows and grows until–
You can almost make another dog from it.
Then summer coat comes in at last.
Until we wait for fall to change coat from summer to winter.
Return of loose fur has arrived
Shedding is means of the day

April 30th prompt from this site

Praise To Kana

What words can I say for my creamy Shiba, Kana.
Who came into my life with from a rescue group.
She pawed at her cage when she saw me come in.
Rescuer opened cage; she bounds out
Quickly came to me; jump up to say hi.
I petted her; she melted my heart right there.

Now she is with me every day.
I am not lonely now.
I have a walking partner again.
Someone to take outside; enjoy nature.
Someone who makes people stop
To find out more about her.

She is my travel partner.
She loves going places with me.
She soaks up all attention
From every one she meets.
I praise her for being so calm.
She goes right up to people;
Not afraid anyone person or dog.

She has rescue me from loneliness.
She my poetry muse now.
She is special; unique in many ways.
She has made me happy again.
She is calm when I am upset.
She is furry pillow I can rest on
To feel better when I am down.
She is my girl.
She is the one who will bring
Me out of my shell more.
She is my dog.
I praise her with my poem.

April 29th prompt from this site

Childhood Bedroom

Two twin beds with space in between
Where you can put a sheet over
Making a small single fort
Tall skinny bookshelf
In between twin beds
Leans against the wall
Waiting for the hand
To pull a book from to read
Facing one bed a dresser
Huge brownish red contains clothes
Green desk with a chair stares
At other bed across the way
Posters of wolves hang upon walls
Stare passive out of their frames
Horse collection mingle together
On an old piece of furniture
Closet closed containing clothes,
Collections from who know when
Light carpet soft when walking on
A bedroom refuge for someone
Who loves to have their lone time
When they want to get to away

April 28th prompt from this site

Review On Geese

Outside I hear honking geese.
These creatures annoy all the time.
They are constantly in the way
Whether walking to get to my condo door
Or in middle of street not moving
When I drive toward them.
You have to keep eye out for their droppings.
They go anywhere they please.
They make a fuss when your dog comes out.
Honking loudly across the pond
Even though they are not near you and your dog.
I recommend not having a lake nearby.
Geese loves lakes and will come every back year.

April 27th prompt from this site

Sunday Almanac Walking With Dog

Its rainy today as I walk the dog
She wears her pink rain coat
Covering her from pelting raindrops
She sniffs and spies something edible on ground
I quickly pick up bread from street
Toss it into one of our trash bin along the way
I keep her way from trash bins
For some trash litters the ground
We continue walking in rain
I dream of flying away from this weather
Maybe on the back of a Gryphon
Maybe aliens are running this world
I don’t anymore in these changing times
Flowers are starting to open finally
Their colors standing out
In this dreary, brown, green, grey rainy day
I wonder if we will see the moon tonight
So I can say, Goodnight Moon
I sigh as we continue on our walk

April 26th prompt from this site

Springtime At Home

Spring has comes but it doesn’t feel like Spring.
The weather dips up and down; cold to warm; rain to snow.
One day nice and sunny. Next cold and cloudy.
White buds start to grow on trees I see from window
Slowly they will being to open to show their flowers.
I saw the blue heron fly across light-blue sky yesterday.
I exclaimed to my dog, “The blue heron has come to visit our lake today!”
My dog didn’t care as she was relaxing full length upon her bed.
And five minutes later I saw the heron fly away to some other place.
I sighed, “Maybe next time I will have my camera ready to photograph the heron again.”
I had been practicing my violin just one of many things to keep me busy in these trying times.
I keep busy with painting, reading, violin practice, learning, cooking, walking and playing with dog,
checking emails, working on computer, and what ever interest comes calling to me that I enjoy.
To many things I want to do in a day.
I try to change what I want to work on.
Computer ends up claiming me longer then excepted.
I make time for dog.
We take walks. Walk four times day.
We change were we walk.
She loves them. Keeps her happy.
I want my dog to be happy in these times.
She is a social dog who craves attention from people and dogs.
She is not happy not to go to dog events (I too miss dog events).
In meantime I have more time with her.
It is the season of shedding– I brush her creamy fur out
To get rid of loose fur tufting out in cotton ball clumps.
I pet her more.
I try to teach her about toys since she was puppy mill rescue who didn’t own one.
I hold her, snuggle, talk to her.
She is my companion I am glad to have around.
She keeps me busy. I love her.
It is quite on our walks up to a special place where hardly any people walk.
I hear, “When will it get back to normal”.
I don’t know but I am enjoying my time off with my dog.
As I had to be at work five times a day.
Now I have all day with her.
I keep our routine almost similar to when I was working.
I try to keep life normal for her.
She doesn’t understand what’s going on around her.
She looks at me with sad brown eyes, “when can we go shopping again.”
I tell her we have to wait. I will let her know.
I comfort her; give her space.
I gave her a brief foster dog friend to be with.
She helped him out– showed him humans are nice.
He is now adopted into home.
Now it’s her and I. She has me all to herself.
And I am glad I got a chance to foster.
As I love dogs; I got a chance to help a dog.
Life is strange at the moment.
I make the best of it.
I will make best of it in these trying times.

April 25th prompt from this site

About SHIBA Letters

The S is for the curly tail
Sitting over the rump
The H is four paws
Padding away from you
The I is fiercely independent
In showing who is the boss
The B is bringing their big attitude
When they don’t like something
As they let out their Shiba scream
The A is staring into their eyes
And lavishing how adorable
They are to get approval from
Their intense eyes staring at you

April 23th prompt from this site

Translating A Poem

Poem I chose to translate is from French poet André du Bouchet:

tel qu’
pour le dire
de surcroît
accouru sourdre
un mot

le mot est là

pas moi.

Link to poem

Here is my attempt to translate:

tells you
for your desire
days surround
accordingly with sound
just not
let not is love
pass to you.

April 21th prompt from this site