Morning Repeating Walk

Every morning is the same
Dog and I take our walk
Down carpet stairs
Out to condo landing
Down to wooden stairs below
Then round the sidewalk
To our small street
Walk around our condo complex
Around cul-de-sac to stop and sniff
Then continue down little intersection
to the left and another cul-de-sac
Back the way we came
Up to clubhouse; stop and sniff
Around a short U
Then around to sniff a rock
Back down to intersection
To the left pass the lake
Back to sidewalk and around
Up the stairs; across the landing
Open door back inside
Wipe four paws and a belly
Then backup carpeted stairs
And repeat every single day
Unless a brief time for vacation

April 30 prompt from this site


Wealth I Have For Which You Cannot See

There is wealth I have for which you cannot see
Some locked and buried behind a key
Stored in my mind I keep it well
My treasure of information I have a lot to tell
Some are memories of my life
Some are words I read from books
I have worldly historical treasure
From many places that I go
Vast is the information I have gathered
I always look for more upon my travels
I devour books and keep them close
My treasure, I have is abundant and cultural in taste
I cherish my collection everyday
I unlock some to share with others
To impart what treasure hope others will learn
The richest treasure in the world is information in my head

Note: Taking the word treasure from one of my favorite poems Surprise by Joy by William Wordsworth

April 29 prompt from this site

Salty Water In My Mouth

In waves I use to swim and play
saltwater sprayed around;
it’s bitter, salty taste
Would sting inside of my mouth
as waves crash around me.

I try to keep mouth shut
as waves hurl forth
trying to find away
to seep into corners of my mouth.

I spit out stinging taste
as it leaves a bland salty texture
which causes my mouth to
maked weird, disgusting face.

Maybe that is why I stopped
going to a saltwater beach to swim
for who wants salty water coming in
to ruin one’s vacation with family friends.

April 27 prompt from this site

Buried Under These Bones

What find unearth from bottom of these bones
Wrapped in cloth preserved for all time?
Rectangle shaped and not too heavy
Unwrap now to look upon
A portrait of a dog, hand painted neatly
A nice frame that fits the face so sweetly
Why, so important for the one who now is buried?
A pet it looks to be
Owner must of really love thee
So much it seems; to bury close for all time
Seems silly to bury a painting
Perhaps to give comfort to owner in afterlife

April 26 prompt from this site

Inside Brown Little Case

Small brown little case
Contains one of many favorite toys
I would play with long ago
Some where small
some where large
I manage to pack all
In a tiny little case
It was where I could
Unleash my child’s imagination
One place I could be myself
One place I could trample through
With a plant-eating Stegosaurus
As it met a meat-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex
Clashing with plastic against plastic
As pack of plastic raptors watch from a distance
Dinosaurs collection my own, my favorite
Where the outside slips away
As I bring them out
Travel back in time to their place
Where I wish I could be all the time

April 25 prompt from this site

Minstrel Rabbit

Rabbit hopping across the page
Playing and singing as he goes
Playing the harp
Singing songs from long ago
Strumming the harp with a paw
What will he do when he reaches the end?
Maybe he will turn around
Hop back playing his minstrel songs

April 24 prompt from this site