Learning To Cook Something

In kitchen mom teaching me how to make fettuccine Alfredo
She fills the sauce pan up with water
Says: “We have to wait till it boils.
Don’t want crunchy pasta.”
As she turns knob to high on stove
In meantime she gets sauce ingredients ready
Places skillet on stove
Turn another knob to medium and adds butter
She minces garlic to get ready after butter melts
Butters melts; garlic is added
I smell it start to fragment
She pours in heavy cream
Water begins to boil
Mom adds dry fettuccine to pot stirring
Back to skillet
Stirs sauce until it is reduced in size
I watch as half of Parmesan cheese is whisked in
Combining it until all is smooth and cheese melted
Pasta is done; mom ladles some pasta water
Mom drains pasta; adds pasta to sauce
Tossing it and cover each area
She Adds more cheese; tosses it again
She checks the meals with wooden spoons
Says sauce needs to thin just bit
Adds a little bit of water
Tests it again and says that is perfect.
Mom says when done: “Always test pasta
Make sure it is Al dente; not to firm
Or and don’t want pasta musshy.”
That’s what learned, to always check pasta.

April 14th Prompt: Write a narrative poem about learning to cook something from someone. Include a quote that the person said about cooking that has wider implications.

She Comes A Flight

From distant lands she comes a flight
On eagles wings perched high
Her golden hair like rays shine bright
Eyes of sea blue catch the light
Where she comes I do not know
Upon eagle wings she fly on
Scouring for what I do not know
Over lands that stretch far and wide
She searches throughout the sky
Some kingdom hidden among clouds
So soft and billowing are the walls
She is a warrior with her bird
Flying high above the skies
Seeking entrance to kingdom in the sky.

Cowboy Coming Home

From the west he came a ridding,
Riding on big bay horse, he came
A ridding with the sun rising high.
He came into town a ridding
Down the dirt street of the town,
He came a trotting into the town.
He came because he had to;
A girl he left behind
He was a cowboy who was gone to long.

He rode pass the wooden building
To the other side of town
To a small little house near the brook.
Stop he did at the little house
Jumped right off the horse
Bounded to the door in one stride.
Hat he off he knocks at the door
Answered by a women’s voice
Door opens wide to the cowboy.

“You’ll alive and your home!”
She said throwing her arms
Around his neck, he holds her tight.
Then she stops, steps back a pauses
Said, “You shouldn’t have back here;
Town has changed since you left.
“What has happen,” he frowns
Sensing that the town was right
As he trotted his horse through.
“Gang of men, dangerous men,
Moved in a few months ago,”
A sad look a upon her face.

Took over the town they did,
Ran the sheriff straight out
Of town, townsfolk are not about.
What do, no one will stand up,
No one to fight back
Sometime must be done he knows.
He turns to leave to start his plan
She stops him ginger and beg him
To stop, don’t do this we’ll run away.
He says, “This is my town too,
Grew up and what to pass on here,
Must do something will not let it go.”
jump on his horse, away he goes
Back the way he came, Back to
The town he rode through he goes.

Before sundown he rides through town,
To the saloon he knows his answer he will get
One way or another he will make the town alright.
Reins in, off the horse, to saloon he walks in
Bellies up to the bar, bartender comes,
Cowboy orders a drink, eyes around cautiously.
“Where can I find the gent, who took over this town”
He sips his drink; eyes the bartender
“Over there in the corner”, comes reply.

Finish drink; to the corner he goes
To confront the foe he know must go,
To make the town alright again.
“I’ve heard what happen here,
You must take your men and go;
If you don’t I think you know.”
“No, I don’t”, he said with a sneer
“This my town do you hear,
Go now and take care”
“I am calling you out,
I will meet you in the street,
We’ll see”, cowboy says determinedly.

Cowboy walks out to street
Patting his gun at his side;
This must be done with a sigh.
In the middle he is ready;
His adversary comes out in no time;
Leads two others; henchmen no doubt.
Positions are ready; down they look
Hard tense stares to one another;
Time has come; Who will win?

Seconds turn to minutes;
The townsfolk are safe within;
They watch, wait for who will win.
Fingers moves fast, guns out;
Deafening roar is hear from afar;
Dust settles the grounds of three dead.
Still standing cowboy holsters gun,
Cheers come out from townsfolk near,
Others sulk away to where we don’t know.
Leader of the gang is dead,
Town back to the folks; they ask their hero;
Be our sheriff; we need you here.

Decline the offer he knows he cannot;
Accept he will, protect the town;
From the crowd someone draws near.
His girl; love of his life,
“You are alive”, she kisses him,
“Yes, I did it all for you”, he says.
To the horse hand and hand;
He jumps up and takes her with him;
Back to the little house they go.
Off they trot into the sunset they go;
To their home they ride on;
Knowing town safe from harm.

April 12 prompt. Write a narrative poem.