Her Tears Upon The Ground

She weeps her tears upon the ground
Sadness fills her soul
Puddles form from her tears
Lakes, rivers rise to overflow
She is in distress
What has happen to her world?
Chaos regins to the west
Caps of ice melt in the north and south of poles
The east in a mode of change
She struggles to make sense
Cries out to those few that listen
They take heed even through they’re few
But it’s not enough to stop what may come to pass
As she watches her world disappearing
Through her crying eyes

Child’s Questions On Nature

Why is the moon not full year around?
Why are stars so tiny to my eyes?
How does day turn into night?
Why do we have four seasons?
How can a cloud hold raindrops for so long?
Where does ocean begin and end?
Why is some water salty and others not?
Where does the sun gets its energy from?
Why do some animals from fur and others have feathers?
Why is the world round?
Why are stars so far away?
Can I talk to trees?
Is there a way to be closer to nature?

Hunting Song of the Wolf

The alpha wolf howls a note
“Come gather my pack, for tonight we hunt”
They gather around their leader
Even pups come out to join
He lifts his head again
Howls the start of the hunting song
Mournful, sorrowful howl
For the prey they will bring down
Rest of adults join in giving praise
For the prey they will bring down
Their notes intertwine as one singing choir
Thanking nature which they hope
Will give them a successful hunt
Last to join are pups to small to hunt
They try to match their pitch
Theirs are short coming in and going
Then hunting song is done
Now the hunt can begun
Off they go in the night
One last howl in the early moonlight

April 25th prompt: Write a poem on the song of a bird or the sound of any animal. If you need inspiration, listen at Animal Sound Recordings, where you will find, among others, the songs of the edible frog and the fire-bellied toad.

Organic Garden On Soil

Plant after the frost is best
Organic gardener has more awareness
A fine balance where species coexist
Grow diversity of plants
Will build mini ecosystem of pest and predators

Soil fertility maintained by recycled matter
Enrich soil with animal manure
Or even dead or rotting vegetation
This will provide nourishment to the soil

Gardening with nature
Digging, seeding, watering will come in hand
Dig to give air to soil
Seeding more seeds will germinate
Water is where a garden will survival

Harvest will bring rewards
Abundant and rich and varied foods
Take well; give the soil time
And watch your garden grow

April 22 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Nightly Poem Under Willow Tree

Night rolls in; sun dips under
Fireflies blink their lights delicately
On and off, on and off
Crickets come in with their chirping
A running brook gurgles water over rocks
Bull frog sounds it horn
Sweet tones comes to my hears
As pen on paper musical words
Fly upon the page in verse
Bringing out a poet’s nightly poem
Under the weeping willow
Leaves bristle a huanting tune
As wind blows through their branches
Forming my poem to right crescendo
Then pen lifts finish with final note
Nightly music sounds pause for brief silence
Before returning to their nightly musical song

April 17 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Moon And Sun Letter

I got your letter this morning, Moon
I saw you as you dipped under the horizon
Disappearing to sleep soon
How are your stars last evening
Were they twinking bright
I wish I could view that sight

Sun, thank you for your letter this evening
Stars did put on a beautiful show
There sight was was something to behold
I hear you are lonely when you rise
Maybe one day, both of us will see each other
As you rise up and I go down

Yes, alone sometimes I am
A passing cloud sometimes arrives
Most time its voided only with blue sky
A rainbow comes to cheer me up
When clouds had dropped their buckets of rain
I can not wait to glimpse you again

Cheer Sun, I have problem with bickering stars
For they squabble among each other
Who is the brightest?
Who can out shine the other stars
Be grateful my friend
We will see each when we realign

Alright my friend, I will catch you then
Till next write again soon
Your truly yours, the Sun

I as well see you when you rise
I’ll write some more to keep you occupied
Your friend, the Moon

April 16 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/