Daffodils Were Silently Mourning

Last year daffodils were silently mourning
Mourning a lost of a furry friend
They had drooped their heads
Held themselves a silent prayer
For one furry dog
Who loved to sniff them;
Who loved to sit in them;
Who loved getting photos taken with them
They bowed their heads
When I took a picture last year
Just of them empty of that furry space
This year they will notice
A new dog will come around
Hopefully she will sniff them;
Sit among them;
And get photos taken with them
For they are happy life flowers

First Time Seeing Snow Haikus

Outside it’s snowing
I am confuse by white stuff
Where is the green grass?

I sniff the white snow
Where do I do my business?
Smells hidden from me

I just walk through snow
Only smells come from tree bark
I am not amused

First time I saw snow
It’s very cold on my paws
I want green grass back


She brings the end of change in the air
She has seen her sisters enjoy the warmth
She is the tempest bringing days
Full of wind, cold, rain and snow
You never know what she will throw
Sometimes she will show more fall colors
But on other days muted dark will be her passion
She is the one who brokers with her brother
Whether cold and snow arrives earlier
She is the one at the end of it
Who can’t wait to take a needed vacation
To rest from what her tempest hand brings

Singing Snowflakes [Revision]

A solo snowflake makes its entrance in the sky.
Gliding down to cold ground below.
Then a duet of snowflakes makes the fall,
One alternating their falling lines below.
Quartet of falling snowflakes descends in great harmony,
As they play their winter chords aloud.
They beckon the final act to start;
And a chorus of snowflakes flutter down;
Their grand symphony for everyone to see.
Gracing their final showing,
Striding to put on their best show.
Showing their falling mystical beauty
For tonight is the finally concert of the season.

Leaves Rustle

Evening comes with full moon high
Leaves rustle along branches
They shake for cold wind comes
Wind whisper among leaves
Telling them darkness will last longer
For which their color will drain
Turning them brown, red, orange and yellow
And one by one they drop in heaps to ground
Their life drying up crumbling when footsteps trod