On Halloween Night

On Halloween night they say there is
Curses, creatures and souls beyond the grave
Come to curse, haunt our world
To fill us with dread
To terrorize us to death
Creatures creep along silently
Until you feel the cold chill in the air
Or the feeling you are being watch
Curses rage more at this time of year
Be wary of what goes bump in the night
Watch your back for these Halloween creatures
Never know what to except on Halloween night

Another Poem Published on Spillwords For Halloween Week

Spillwords is have having ’13 Days of Halloween’, starting next week. I submit a few Halloween poems and got two selected. The second poem is was posted this day early. The poem for today that is being featured is my Halloween Night poem. Click here to view at Spillwords.com: http://spillwords.com/halloween-night/. Also due to overwhelming publication, my poem Witch’s Stew Brew will be featured on regular publication. Will post when it will be available. Happy Happy Halloween tomorrow!!

I Tried To Bade Him Goodnight

I tried to bade him goodnight
But, he begged to remain
On this cold winter night

For outside was deep in snow-white
I was done to entertain;
I tried to bade him goodnight

Oh, no he would not take flight
Continued to talk, he sounded insane
On this cold winter night

I mulled over my plight
What to do; he was a pain
I tried to bade him goodnight

He continued his rappture talking in spite
Of my quietness for which I was drain
On this cold winter night

Hours had finally fallen to twilight
Our talk had finally wane
I tried to bade him goodnight
On this cold winter night

On Cold Nights

On cold winter nights I look to warm bed
Gather heap of blankets to surround me
Then topped nicely with a bedspread
I snuggle down low for a reading spree
On nights like these I can’t resist some poetry
Read a poem that stirs my soul
Warms a glow from cold outside
Brings me in and makes me whole
Another one, from some grand master
Hooks me with vivid imagery
As they echo their voices from distant past
Through music on a cold winters night
And this cold night shall hear words
Of poets from past and present
I let their words fill me
Till I find solace, find a pen to write my own poetry

As fading–

light drains away like leeches
to darkness

which brings moon
in its pallor against
dark black drop of night

and now nocturnal music
awakens the night

singing softly in my ear.

It’s the immortal song of the night
with eerie wind which beckons

to call out loud ones name
only to bite its tongue instead

as music of the night
stirs my sleepy slumber

April is poetry month again and this prompt I like a lot. From April 13 here is link: poem and prompt