3 Haikus Of Seas and Oceans

Sea crashes to shore
Water spray goes everywhere
Storm about to come

Water retreats back
Into huge oceans from shore
It is low tide now

Ocean vast and wide
See nothing for many miles
Each direction blue


Island Surrounded By Ocean

Small desolate island
with white sandy beaches
surrounded by the vast
blue ocean on all sides
in middle of nowhere
not even located on map
has waves crashing peacefully
as birds fly over ahead.

April 9 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Water Haikus

Cold water splashes
Among jagged rocks below
With violent force

Upon the sea crest
Ocean rolls through silently
into the dark night

River winding through
Leads to many unknown paths
Rich with potential

The Waves burst on through
Gaining onward to the shore
With cold giant force

Rain washes on down
Running through the crevices
Towards wide oceans