Gently Walked Upon The Rocks

I gently walked upon the rocks
Lubric they were from rainy days
Where wind howled in night
Clouds emptying their water
With hard rains striking down
I dare tread slowly upon rocks
To cross the other side
So I can sit; stare; write
On what happens after a rain storm

April 4th Prompt: Write a poem using one of these words from poems in last year’s Best American Poetry: ochre, zaffire, rarefaction, refulgence, avows, bijou, loggias, lubric.

Daffodils Were Silently Mourning

Last year daffodils were silently mourning
Mourning a lost of a furry friend
They had drooped their heads
Held themselves a silent prayer
For one furry dog
Who loved to sniff them;
Who loved to sit in them;
Who loved getting photos taken with them
They bowed their heads
When I took a picture last year
Just of them empty of that furry space
This year they will notice
A new dog will come around
Hopefully she will sniff them;
Sit among them;
And get photos taken with them
For they are happy life flowers

First Time Seeing Snow Haikus

Outside it’s snowing
I am confuse by white stuff
Where is the green grass?

I sniff the white snow
Where do I do my business?
Smells hidden from me

I just walk through snow
Only smells come from tree bark
I am not amused

First time I saw snow
It’s very cold on my paws
I want green grass back

Dog Walk Haiku Sonnet

Dog waits by the door
As harness is buckled on
Ready for outside

Down the stairs we go
We start our walk around and
Keep to edge of street

Down the road we go
She stops; sniffs, then answer call
Walk and stop some more

Around cul-de-sac
We continue walk with stops
She enjoys outside

Must finish walk now
We need to eat chow

Dog First Time At Outside Mall

New places I go

I walk towards mall.

It’s not an indoor mall

With walls and tight spaces.

This mall is open

Where one smells fresh air

As you wander down each store.

My owner and I walk inside.

Some are pet friendly

For I receive treats

Or petting from sale associates.

I see other dogs walking around.

I take it all in with my senses.

I enjoy until I’m tired

We go home; I fall asleep in car.

At Dog Park Haiku Sonnet

I look through tall fence
I want to join the big dogs,
Can you please let me?

I run with big dogs
Tongue out, smiling having fun
I make many friends

I run all over
I chase, bark my opinion
I say don’t be rude

I head to dry pond
I walk through a muddy patch
I have mud boots on

We go; wash paws with water
Now I am clean once again