Going To Art Fest

Small creamy dog walks down street
People stop to ask if they can greet
Owner says yes as dog allows the pets
She smiles enjoying all the pats
Some take a guess of her breed
Others know right off the bat
Everyone notices her calm demeanor
As owner looks at art and crafts
She loves the attention that she gets
As she is allow to go to an art fest event


Meeting Postman

Hot day walking with owner
I see person up ahead
I quicken pace
I want to say hello
I walk forward
Politely place paws
On person’s leg.
He stops placing mailing
In black boxes.
He pets me all over
He asks about me;
I soak up the attention.
He hugs me
Amazed how small I am.
Owner takes picture
Thanks, person
Who I find is postman.
With that I finish our walk.