Notice Small Changes In Weather

Blackness creeps in slowly, for days get shorter
Wind picks up a rustle as cold comes creeping too
Seasons began to change day by day in August
Until September brings it full throttle for Fall to began
Then see leaves start sporting their colors
Feel humid air disappear only to be replace by brisk cold air
Barely we notice the changes until they come upon us
But, I notice as dog and I take our walks


Street Music [Revision]

Sweet melody of faint music
Down distant street I hear.
Notes flowing up my way
In a jazzy kind of beat.
Hear the rhythm of blues
Makes me bounce along the street.
Closer I get to music crooning
More I would like to hear.
Around a corner I finally reach
Music, I hear what a beat.
A music player, playing a saxophone,
Jazzing along to his own rhythmic song.
I stopped to listen to his melody;
Took out my sticks to join the beat.
Our sound carried on the winds
People heard and stopped right through.

Do You Want To Go Out

The hour has come as I look over at chilled out dog
I say the words I say multiple times a day:
“Do you want to go out,” I ask her
She swooshes her tail up and down
That’s her, yes I want to out answer
She stretches as if to prepare for a journey
Even though the journey maybe short,
Outside for a walk or potty break
She doesn’t care just so long as were outside together
Enjoying the smells, sounds and goings on outside
She is excited when I say the words:
“Do you want to go out now.”

April 8 poem: Write a poem about something you do or say every day.

Going Outside

It rains outside, she doesn’t want to go out
To wet and windy to find a spot
Leash on with a purple raincoat, she must go out
No use the leash is short, a quick tug
Beckons her to step outside, she must comply
Out on the grass, fall leaves a plenty
She is told to do her business
She sniffs, she looks around, she walks to and fro
But no, it’s raining to hard to find a spot
Owner tries to encourage, tries a treat or two
Walk to different area maybe this one will do
Finally after a sniff, a paw scratch more
She does her businesses, now let’s go inside
To dry ourselves from the rain
A stingy dog who doesn’t want to be in rain
Spends to long sniffing for the right spot
To do what she has to do before she sleeps tonight

Give Me

Give me the warmth of the Sun’s rays
On a breezy day filled with blue skies
That are filled slow moving clouds.
Give me warm days to be out
Playing and walking a dog
Who at the end; finds a shady tree
To rest under its heavy branches
Filled with green thick leaves.
Give me Summer the season
Of warmth and sometimes hot days
Mixed in with relaxing breeze
Blowing through rustling trees.