On The Beach

White sandy beaches stretch for miles
Never ending, they go on and on.
Blue, teal ocean waters are calm
With gently rolling white cap waves
Moving in and out; in and out.
A green frilly palm tree on edge of beach asks,
Why can’t I be closer to the ocean
and enjoy the breezes of the wind there.

While a brown shelled crab dances sideways
Down the never ending beach
Between rows and rows of towels,
Each different with color designs.
Crab keeps going until he finds
The one place he can get away
From the hustle and bustle
Of many people on the beach.


Palms Trees

Palms trees sway side to side
Fanning their green fans attach
Cooling each other from heat
From sizzling Sun above
Beating down warm rays
Bathing crusted palm trees
Dotting along the coast
Stretch from miles and miles
Along a southern beach