Whisked Me Away

Death came and whisked me away
He told me I could not stay
My time was up said he
Come, your soul is now free
Through town we glide down
Until the path Death found
He sent me forward on my away
Said he must part before its day
I climbed high into the sky
Past clouds that were flying by
Saw the light at the end
That is the place I will now spend.

Would Gladly Take

I would gladly take the road less traveled
For I love to see where my path may lie.
Through the lines that I read;
From The Road Not Taken by.

Each road is fair I see I traveled
Descriptions of which I would take both
But I would gladly take the road less traveled
As I read through out The Road Not Taken.

Why must one choose a road?
To choose would be too much.
To read through the poem
Gives me much to see which path to travel by.

April 3 prompt: Referencing my favorite poem: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost


The tunnel is long and dark
The end is near and far
Light seems close but distant
other side looks out of reach
The way looks simple to the eye;
But darkness hides what’s in
The move along is slow and steady
No turning back must pull ahead
Towards the light that beckons;
Who know what is on the other side
Through the long dark tunnel we must reach;
Reach to the light that beckons us on.

Veil of Destiny

Can one see through the veil of one’s destiny?
To know if the path is right or wrong
Or to see to it that somehow if it is death
To avoid before it comes along.

Are there hints in the air
Carried by the wind to know what may come in hand.
Or are we left to the eerie silence within ourselves.

What is destiny to some may know more
Then others who cannot see through their veil
Hides within their selves the fact
They would rather not know at all.

Is destiny a thing that can be changed like phrases of moon
Or is it played out like a movie with a beginning and end.
What if one discovers their destiny
Can it be changed on a whim?

Are the choices we make in our lives head to our destiny
Or do our choices change the course we travel
In the end somehow choices don’t really matter
For somehow destiny can still be reached.