To Be At Peace

I look over
     dog is there
Laying down
     on comfy pillow bed.

Eyes closed
     she looks at peace
As I ponder to myself
     wishing I could be at peace too.

Will the thoughts
     which run rampant
In my mind
     ever stop to let me rest.

If only to
     be a dog
I could finally
     get the peace I need.

April 6 prompt from this site


Patchwork of Peace

I come into the peace of wild things
The dawn now breaks on you, the dark is over,
Where there’s no ill, no grief, but sleep has mending,
For these have governed in our lives,
And yet of death it giveth me occasion.
When from a thousand skies
Set free from present sorrow,
Would come at last to God’s great town,
That leads away from thee —
They’ve dealt with life and been tempered by it.

“The peace of wild things” by Wendell Berry
“The Peaceful Shepherd” by Robert Frost
“Rest in Peace” by Claude McKay
“I. Peace” by Rupert Brooke
“I Find No Peace” by Sir Thomas Wyatt
“If pain for peace prepares” by Emily Dickinson
“Joy and Peace in Believing” by William Cowper
“The Rose Of Peace” by William Butler Yeats
“Oh Future! thou secreted peace” by Emily Dickinson
“Promise Of Peace” by Robinson Jeffers

At Last

I found at last the peacefully sleep
From many years of travel and wandering
Abroad the world I have found fulfillment
Instead of a life living shackled to a home
Paying rent and a dead-end job
Not knowing what my next move would be
I have found the way to open
My roving heart; my passion in traveling
Yearning to learn the cultures
Many years I traveled across far off lands
Until my later years I come home
Knowing when I die,
I have found peace at last with my adventurous heart