My Father Could Imitate Movie Characters

“Follow the yellow brick road”,
My father would throw his voice
Imitate one of the Munchkins from Wizard of Oz
Lips curl up for Lollipop song
He proceed to sing
Bringing out laughter from my sister and I
He was good at changing his voice to a character
Whether a Munchkin or Popeye the Sailor man
So hard to explain to others
As you had to be there to witness it
While bringing smiles to our faces often

April 23rd Prompt: Write a poem on a characteristic of a family member that is difficult to explain – your father’s laugh, your grandmother’s missing finger, your aunt’s drinking …

John Wallace Leney

Alone away from home across the seas
You struck out a lad of twelve
You landed in America in 1830s
Landed in Philadelphia my 3rd great-grandfather
Seeking employment; worked where needed
You grew to be a foreman over
Hands of construction for Bear Gap Railroad
Every place you went you found employment
You forage ahead gaining experience
In 1859 you found love in a young bride
Both of you began your life farming
Started to raise a family
Then the Civil War broke
You enlisted in an Illinois regiment
You prove yourself through the war
Even got captured and then exchanged
Rest of war you guarding prisoners
And much of time acted as Quartermaster
Besides also being in charge of camp
After war you went back home
Added more children to the home
Went into grain business which you sold
Ending with 249 acres of farm land
Your stories fascinated me when growing up
Told by what my grandma knew from
What grandpa use to tell her
How I wish I could have met you
You had such an interesting life

April 15th Prompt: Write a poem about an ancestor you never knew or about a member of your family not yet born.

About Yourself From Your Worst Enemy

I envy your quietness when I see you at parties
Words don’t come rolling off your tongue
When you are in large groups.
You sit there silently shy; just listening to others talk.
When you are alone with someone else
Oh boy, you can talk someone head off
Only because you don’t know what to ask them.
You are the creative type that I will never be
I will never match the number books you read
How many are you reading at one time;
Two, three or maybe it’s four now.
I can barely read one book in a month.
What else can I tell about you; I don’t know
For sometimes you are never to be found out and about

April 14th Prompt: Write a poem about yourself from the point of view of your worst enemy.

Would Have It Made

He thought he would have it made
For he had a plan started long ago
Only to have his dreams fade

Everything was set and surveyed
As his life began to show
He thought he would have it made

Dreams are not easy to persuade
Whether or not he will know
Only to have his dreams fade

Unfortunately one time he strayed
All from one night and a photo
He thought he would have it made

Life was now weighed
Could he regain the flow
Only to have his dreams fade

Now he has had to paid
For this is no way to go solo
He thought he would have it made
Only to have his dreams fade

April 5th prompt from this site

One Vampire’s Way Of Feeding

He caresses neck gently with pale fingers
His victim is held in dreamy trance
He speaks words so smoothing
Before he takes his nightly meal
He tilt her head to one side
As delicately not to ruin blood flow
He brings his mouth upon her bare skin
He inhales her sent of blood
He kisses gently before he begins
Opens his mouth; pointed fangs spring to life
Sharp as nails when stabbed, they puncture skin
He sucks and sucks as much as he needs
Until he hears the heart goes faint
He stops; gently lays his victim down
Speaks hypnotizing words in her ears
She will not remember this night
He wipes blood from his mouth
Looks around the still dark night
He melts back into shadows from where he came