Grandma’s Backyard

Has trees
Standing guard
Around three-way perimeter.
Their branches
With weapons of needles
They handle with great care.
Tall curvy grasses giggle
Hiding their secrets
During early spring.
Perhaps, it is
Another baby deer born.
Battles are raged
On rainy days
Ground submerges
Under water.
Lake or swamps
Rush into form
As they change
Landscape at their will.
Walk upon ground
To find a hole
Lurking in plain sight
As a hidden indentation.
Spring has brought
It’s hardships to the yard.

April 25th Prompt: Cleveland poet Russell Atkins describes a backyard that “has hold/ of the throats/ of trees”. Write a poem that personifies your backyard, or the backyard of someone you know during a particular season of the year.



She is the odd one out of twelve
The one’s spirits are offen low
Often she gives the cold shoulder
She wants to be alone in her own world
Her life is often moody
She sees doom and gloom around every corner
Yet somewhere deep within lies hope
Where some day she might pull herself out
From bleakness she sees herself in
Hoping one day she might reconnect with her siblings


Following her sister
She comes wearing a flaming
Red dress to dazzle all.
She is stunning, the older one
Who knows when to tone down in the end.
She is quick to start relationship
Only to start giving cool shoulder.
She lets feel like you’re on a desert
Then makes you feel you’re riding waves
With cool breezes blowing by.
She’s a mix bag in the end.
She gives you one more chance of fun
Then snatches it away later
Leaving you to what will come ahead.