One Small Incident

Technology strains my nerves
Frustrates beyond imagination
Small incident causes chaos
Brief moment; no contact
One day only
For just one small broken screen
A phone where all is store
If not fix; no way to access life
Unless find replacement soon

Trying To Show Dog How To Use Phone

Dog tires to use phone

Paws hits at screen

Screen remain blank

Phone is lock

I show her side button and press

She is confused to say the least

I show her how to swipe

She tries but paw won’t slide

Only thing she is good at

Is trying to paw it from my hands

So she can lick hand clean

Lost Phone

I hear your ring
But can not find you
Where did I place my phone?
I looked in coat pockets
Then on table tops
Where did I place my phone?
I checked each room
The sound fades in some
I know it is not in there
Where did I place my phone?
I looked to chair
no it is not there
But near the couch it is loud and clear.
There you are my missing lost phone
Let’s see who has called us now.