Ode To Pink

Rose. Tulip. Cherry blossoms.
Rose quartz. Morganite.
A ballerina’s tutu. Ballet shoes.
Skin of a newborn baby. Baby girl’s room.
Inside of Victoria’s Secret store.
Cotton candy. Inside of a raspberry rose soufflé.
Cherry limeade sorbet. Cherry cordial macarons.
Lip stick. Tongue. Bubble gum.
Piglets. Pigs. Queen conch.
Naked mole-rats. Web-footed gecko.
Ham. Shrimp. Salmon.
Breast cancer ribbons.
Nudibranch a marine gastropod mollusk.
Known as color of love. Associated with femininity.
Amazon river dolphin. Sea anemone.
Bunny costume Ralphie wore from Christmas Story.
Jackets the ladies wore in Grease.
Flamingos. Roseate spoonbill. Axolotl.
Portuguese man-of-war. Katydid nymphs.
Bargibant’s pygmy seahorse.
Elephant hawk moth.
Orchid mantis.