Playing Tug A Rope With Dog

The game is easy
Take the dog rope
Dangle in front of your dog
Watch her grab one end
Then with you on other
You both tug back and forth
See the dog determine
To tear it from your grasp
Watch your foot work
Dog will play the card
To trip you and win the toy
But, you can’t let her win all the time
So, you find ways to beat her at her game

April 16 prompt from this site


Heart Toy

I race to bedroom to find
A stuff toy to squeak and play
It’s small, red with white words
I don’t know what it says
I throw it around
I bite it
I lick it
I play some more
You take notice of what I brought
A red heart to show you
With words that I Love (as paw heart) U

I Want To Play

I come over to grab your attention
You are behind an object on your leg that I don’t understand;
Sitting in chair staring, ignoring me.
Your one hand drape over the armrest;
I nudge your hand, hoping you will notice.
Without thinking you pat my head no word spoken.
I move away;
I don’t need pat on the head.
I want to play with you.
You are too busy to play.
I want your companionship, which I need right now.
I try again to get your attention
But you are focus on the object.
I go grab a toy;
Out of frustration I shake it in my mouth.
I continue to shake it;
Venting my anger as the toy squeaks out loud.
You look up now;
Saying it is playtime, finally done with what you were doing.
I look at you very upset;
I turn to ignore you because you ignore me.
You try to play with me;
I turn my snout to the air;
I walk off to another room to be alone.

Play A Melody

Play me a melody that is sweet as honey to my ears.
Let it make me melt like a puddle of water when it draws near.
Let the notes ring out in cheerful chorus as I listen.
Play the flute solo as beautiful as the singing bird high above the tree.
Hear the other instruments join in from a quite crescendo and gaining speed.
Let the sound enfold all around me closing into the end of the song.
Down the home stretch the music comes to an end;
I enjoyed that sweet melody and wish it would play again.