Dialogue For Playtime

Drop the ball

No, I won’t give ball

Gimme ball, girl

No, me play by myself

Don’t want to play with me

No, I like tossing ball on own

I’ll just sit and watch

Fine with me

She never wants to play with me

your right, breeds I am are independent

Maybe next time she’ll play with me


The Art Of Playing With Dog Toys

Art of playing with dog toys
Takes skills and years of practice.
Don’t just randomly choose your toy.
But, keep changing the toy
So not to get bored every day.
Sniff one that is still in one piece.
Gently take in mouth.
Run with it for awhile.
Stop to shake it back and forth.
Throw it in the air.
Watch it fall in delight.
Now to let the squeaking out.
Delight should heighten to
Take it in mouth and run around.
Prance until you are weary.
Laying down panting with toy near by.
From there it’s time for a nap
To repeat the playing of your doggy toy.

Playing Flute Is Hard

She struggled with notes
Trying to play fast
Fingers moved stiffly
Music notes runs up and down
Slur groupings one after another
Falter as air deflates out.

Her cheeks red flush
She takes quick breath
Trying to catch up
A measure behind fellow flutists.

Music seems there is no rest
Her fingers falter
Slip between the keys of the flute
She looks exhausted; crestfallen.

Perhaps different instrument
Is what she needs
To continue enjoy being in the band.

April 22nd prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/