Day At Beach

I walk down to beach
Sand is hot on paws
We pick a spot
Drop bag on sand
Towel comes out
I get my life jacket on
Human takes me to water
I dip paws in
I will not go closer
Waves crash in
They look scary
I am unimpressed
You try to coax me in
You are wading in deeper
I am not a beach dog
You pick me up
Put me in water
Until wave crashes into us
I rush out onto sand
I am going to stay on towel
No more crashing water for me

Snack Time Haiku Sonnet

I look at owner
Is it close to snack time yet
You say five minutes

Can’t wait anymore
Really want my snack now
You say three minutes

You get off of chair
Snack time finally is here
I’m ready for snack

I begin my sit
I do commands to get snacks
They are delicious

We practice commands until
My snacks run out from your hand

Glad To Be At Dog Park

Oh, dog park you are finally open
I smile as I jump out of car
With spring in my step I walk towards gate
It is open by human hands I move within
I wait till gate is close; I am so excited
My leash is unclipped; Human opens the final gate
I dart out into throng of other dogs
My mouth is open as I run around
I chase my fellow companions
I splash into water and out again
I visit people to soak up social attention
I am in heaven; I have been waiting since winter
For dog park to be open once again
I walk, run around the lake twice
My human trailing far behind
My fur becomes dirty; I don’t care
I am enjoying my time here
Until my human says it’s time to go
I am tired, dirty and thirsty
Leash back on; we leave so I can get a bath