Dog On Cooling Pad

I lay on cooling pad
For its the new dog fad
I think it’s rather rad
Especially when it’s hot
When owner says not
Going outside in this heat
This pad is really neat
Keeps fur cool is hard to beat
I think I’ll sleep here
Until heat dimishes out there



Voice of soothing music
Incredible sounds that can be made
Octaves change quickly by fingers and bow
Listen to sweet melodies can put one
to sleep
I have decided to take violin up
Namely to try something new and challenging

Dog Searching

Go to animal shelters; walking down kennels
Check out dogs big and small
Go to dog websites; clicking on dog photos
Read about dogs to see if they are fit
Go to rescue places; see if any dogs like me
Fill out applications; do a doggy meet and greet
Will anyone of them fit my life?
Continue process and repeat
Rescue called; says you’re approve
Can we try fostering first?
Might finally have found new dog
To bring into my family.

Dog And Fireworks Haikus

I head to bathroom
Eyes scared, panting and pacing
Fireworks boom outside

Loud booming outside
My doggy ears don’t like noise
Someone stop fireworks

You go awe and oh
I head into bathtub to
Hide from loud fireworks

Almost every week
These fireworks crack open sky
I am stress and hide

My Poetry Muse

My poetry muse would come with bounds of energy;
Four paws trotting into living room with a happy grin on her face.
Just herself would spark a poem;
Which morphs into collection of poetry;
All center around her life as a dog.
Just watching her nose around;
Or events which touched our lives;
Images would swim up to the surface
For she was my first poetry dog muse.
Hopefully another dog muse will open doors to more dog poems to write.