Collection Dog Poetry Vol III Book Coming Soon

No poem for today. Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on Collection of Dog Poetry: Poems About Dogs Vol III book. Not sure when it will come out but I am hoping sometime between August and October. This volume will have poems from what a dog would poem about to a two special topics which you will have to wait to find out. Of course it will also have outside with the dog and even more dog random poems. The cover is still in the works and once I get closer or it is published I will show it here. Chelsey, who passed away last year, helped me in writing a lot of the poems out of this collection and the other two published books. It would not have been possible without her and I am glad she helped me in developing a passion for writing poems and books.

Thank you Chelsey, my poetry muse!!

N. K. Hasen

Another Poetry Book Coming Soon

I am currently working on putting another poetry book together on one of my favorite poetry subjects to write about; which is dog poetry. I am currently revising and putting the book together. It is very exciting when I can order a proof of my book and be able to see what it would like when done, while making edits to it. The inspiration to write about dog poetry came from my dog, Chelsey. She is such a great dog who has a unique personality. I am planning on having the book available on paperback, eBook and maybe hardback book. I will post links and the book cover when the time comes. I hope to have the book ready in about two months or so. So right now I am plugging away revising and making edits to the book.

This Friday is the anniversary of my blog so I plan on doing something special for that day!