Loss of Hardest Puzzle

I looked for my puzzle upon the shelf
Down in basement where I hadn’t been
At my Grandma’s house few months back.
I tried to find its purple border cover
With picture of star constellations
Dotting black night sky.
I wanted to get it out
Bring it into work
To show my puzzle companions
How hard it was to do.
But no, I couldn’t find it.
I looked to where I thought it was
I opened shelf doors; I peeked under
Stacks of old paper to no avail.
It is now loss perhaps thrown out.
I remember how hard it was.
Would take me months to do by myself.
It was hardest challenge of puzzle I had ever done.
I would be proud when I finished.
For every piece was black with
Only speckling of light colors
Which be rings or form a constellation.
I would pour over every piece
Trying to connect to finish picture.
It brought me a sense of accomplishment
When I would place the last piece in.
Now I know there are other puzzles
Some as challenging as the one I lost.
At least I have memories of
Working on the puzzle during summer months.
It was a puzzle that always kept me busy.
The puzzle will always be why
I enjoyed putting puzzles together all my life.

April 30th Prompt: Write an elegy to an object you or someone else lost and never found.

Puzzle Of My Mind Is Broken

Puzzle of my mind is broken
Pieces scatter here and there
Pluck a piece to fit the puzzle
Put one there; try another here
Placement changes pieces don’t fit
Pick another and try again
Picture of mind comes together
Puzzle starts to take its shape
Place a piece; my puzzle is almost complete
Piece is missing from my puzzle
Placed hidden I can not find
Puzzle of my is still broken
Pieces are scattered and can’t be found

Lost Puzzle Piece

I am the lost puzzle piece you found on the floor.
I felled from a box some time ago.
I don’t know what puzzle I belong to;
You will have to do each one to find out.
I fell from a box and lost my way.
I hope you can find the puzzle I belong to;
So I can find my place once more.
I don’t remember which side fits
You’ll have to help figure that out.
I am the lost puzzle piece you found on the floor.
I felled from your puzzle box some time ago.


You get down the jigsaw puzzle box
Filled with five hundred pieces
Waiting to be placed together.
Five hundred puzzle pieces
Of different sides that interlock
To make one giant complete picture;
Of what is it today, a nature scene,
Or some basket with fruit in it.
Starting with the border you find
All those pieces with the one end
That is smooth on that side.
You begin interlocking and thinking
Maybe this piece goes here
Or maybe this piece there.
It begins to come to together one piece at a time.
You make progress as the border of what this picture will become when it gets finished, with the last border piece;
You manage to find somewhere among the jagged inner pieces now left on the table.
You look at the box to see what is next
And you start with the ones that show the most color.
You sit there continuing putting that piece here
And that piece there.
Trying that piece and no that won’t fit in that area maybe I should try it over here, no that it is not right either;
Ah, I found now where it fits like a glove, snugly in the puzzle that is forming from the picture on the box.
You keep at it for another hour and you have to stop
Because you need to rest.
You try one more piece but it doesn’t quite fit.
Tomorrow is another day, you leave the table with what is left and you come back later.
Now with fresh eyes you pick up where you left off and you feel giddy that you are almost done with this puzzle.
Another piece goes in, then another and another
As the puzzle finishes forming to the same picture that is on the box.
Wow, you say as the last piece gets into place,
The puzzle is done and I would not have it look any other way.
You leave it for a day or two to admire it and then crumble all the pieces and place them back into the box it came from because you are going to start another one another day.