Quiet Solitude

Tree sits alone in desert
Under starry skies.
A red tent glows.
A single light shines within.
Staked under the single tree.
I lie listening to the silence.
The empty desert; no one for miles.
Quietness is serene and peaceful.
I soak it up; grab the pen.
Words comes to me from the stillness.
I write and write until I am content.

April 4 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Find A Quiet Place To Rest

Where does one find a quiet place to rest?
Is it in a forest where a winding dirt trail
Leads one to a running brook with
Tall grasses where you can hide yourself in.
Or across a meadow and up a hill
To gaze upon a setting golden sun.
Perhaps on a prairie under a full moon
One can find a quiet rest no sound
But the orchestra crickets to listen by.
Is a quiet place a bedroom to rest in
Or washing of waves along the beach
Is that your quiet place to rest
I’ll rest my head for now under an oak tree
In the yonder pasture among the tall grasses.

The Clam

Closed shell beneath the sea
Lies the clam quite as can be.
Rarely opens its shell to all
It sits alone on the sea floor.
It keeps to itself shut away
That no one knows what it might say.
Hard to read a close shell clam
They remain tight lipped in the sand all day.