Faint I Hear

Faint I hear a dog bark;
Barely a whisper
Almost drowned out from rain.

What does he have to say this evening?
I don’t hear answering bark
On this foul night.

My dog is sleeping away
Could care less
Of what barking dog has to say.

She is resting peacefully
On her big doggie bed
dreaming of dry weather for tomorrow.

After Rain Saying

Rain stopped.
Clouds still hung dark.
Gray skies opened to lighter shades
Showing pinks, reds and oranges
As sun set for evening.
I looked at splash of color,
Thinking what has
Been passed down through generation:
“Red skies at night, sailors delight;
Red skies in morning, sailors take warning.”
A saying I’ve heard so many times.
It always seems to to ring true.
I hope tomorrow skies will be blue.

Early Rains Of Spring

Rain splatters upon the deck
Striking a click splat as I gaze out
Why do birds still chirp when rain comes down?
I watch sitting in a wicker chair under covering outside
Spring begins to come alive
I see buds ache to open into flowers
Waiting for trees to soak water through their roots
I can almost see water snaking through their veins
Rushing to meet the budding flowers demands
It’s damp and I begin to shiver
Spring still tries to thaw itself out
I stand up to feel the cool rain against my face
And open my mouth to taste the fresh cool drops it offers
I close my eyes and enjoy what’s given
Sweet smell of rain perfumes before me
As sweet the scented pine cones at winter
I stay long enough to soak myself to a relaxing state
Until the rains turn into driving sheets
Which force me inside before the raindrops
Begin to pelt their beatings on my face

April 25th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Rain Water Coming Down

Spring flowers wait; distant clouds bring the rain
Soak water coming down; happy for rain

Colored petals sparkle with rain drops new
As many droplets drop from clouds with rain

Flowers grow with the coming clouds of rain
While people all around outside complain

For April will bring wet miserable rain
For which I will now stay inside today

And watch from the window to view the rain
As water travels slowly, down ditch drain