Ode To Rainbow

You appear after a rainstorm in your entire splendor
Bright and colorful you are to those that see you
Six colors you have: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
They blend one into another to create your beauty
You bring a smile to my face when I see you
Wondering why Mother Nature made you so
They say you have a pot of gold at your end
But it would take years to see if it’s true
I wish to take my hand; bring you down
So I can hold you and touch your colors
You, rainbow, are the joys of children laughing
You radiate love, new life and joys
I wish I could see you every day
But you fade after a while when skies are bright
Then must wait for another storm to see your beauty
It could be days, months till you come
I will wait patiently for when the time comes
To see your colors radiate dark skies again

Over The Rainbow

What is over the rainbow yonder
I do not know what to think.
Could it mean a new direction
That I should take right now.
Does the rainbow yonder
Offer new insights of an unknown future
That I do not know yet.
I hope to find that rainbow
In the clouds yonder in the skies above.