Medium bowl filled
Fourth cup of All-Purpose flour
Fourth cup of Oat flour
With two tablespoon more
Shake in some cinnamon
For I hear it is goo for you
Some honey to sweeten batter
Mix well; set aside
Separate bowl for liquid
Half cup of milk;
Any type will do
Add tablespoon of vegetable oil
Then depend on your taste
Two to three or more of water
Stir well; Stir in dry mixture well
Griddle heated, add fourth cup
Flip after two or so minutes
Now ready to eat moist, yummy, tasty pancakes
Makes two serving so grab a friend

April 2 prompt from this site

Peppermint Dessert

Chocolate oreo crumbs mixed with butter
Spread out on 13 inch by 9 inch pan
With back of spoon for delicious crust
Soften peppermint ice cream pours its way in
Covering every inch with its pink self
Topped with snow white whip cream
Which is thawed out for final layer
A piece of tin foil wraps snuggle around pan
As dessert is placed in freezer to become frozen
Right before serving a cold dessert on Christmas Eve
A sprinkling of candy canes
And hot fudge adds a chocolate minty taste.
So refreshing after a Christmas meal

Peppermint Patties

In bowl coconut oil is scooped to one half cup
Raw golden honey; two teaspoons only drizzle slowly in
One half teaspoons of vanilla extract added to the mix
Don’t forget one half teaspoon peppermint extract
To give the peppermint taste it needs
Then sprinkle one-fourth teaspoon sea salt unrefined
Mix together until all combined
Patty out mixture; twelve will do place on pan
Now it’s ready to freeze ten minutes all is needed
In meantime melt one-third cup chocolate baking chips
Allow to chocolate to cool when done
Now take patties dip and cover over chocolate
Until every inch is covered
Then when twelve are drenched
Return to freezer to let the coating set
Once done; time to dive in your peppermint patty

Mushroom Barely Soup

Chop the garlic; chop the carrots; chop mushrooms up.
Heat oil in a pot on medium to high heat.
Throw in garlic, throw in carrots throw in mushrooms;
Throw in some fresh thyme twigs.
Stir awhile till carrots are nice and tender.
Add three fourth of barley
Stir in a couple cups vegetable broth
Cover but not all the way
Then simmer and wait thirty minutes or more
Till barley is good and tender.
Then lade soup in a bowl
For it will warm you on a cold winter day.

Kale Vegetable Wrap

Grab the vegetables red, green and orange
Wash red peppers and kale under sink
Grab a baby carrot or two to wash
Chop all as small as they can squeeze
Into an oversize tasty wrap
Bring out the skillet to medium heat
Add olive oil to skillet and garlic
Doesn’t matter fresh or not
Saute garlic then add carrots
Not to soft for a minute or too
As you smell the aroma
Add kale leaves until tender,
You will see them start to wilt
In front of your very eyes
Peppers are add a little before
The final wilt of kale
Grab wrap and heat in microwave
lay out wrap, favorite condiment;
Drizzle on wrap, enough but not enough
Add cooked vegetables to wrap’s center
Before you fold your wrap
Sprinkle cheese any of kind is fine
Then one side folded, then another
Until you see a delicious wrap,
Completely folded, wrapped around
Tender, tasty healthy vegetables;
Very easy to come together.

Warm Asparagus Spinach Pasta Salad

I can smell the pasta boiling
Cooking till it is tender
For my mouthwatering mouth.
The chop, chop of the of the knife
Dicing green onions small enough
To throw in the blender along
With vinegar and soy sauce
To make a good dressing
While gradually adding oil
In a steady stream to blend in well.
From the oven the aroma of
Asparagus penetrates my nose.
Bake asparagus are finally ready
To out and cool down before adding
To the big salad bowl that awaits.
The one inch bite size asparagus.
Baby spinach sit in the bowl;
Waiting for the rest to come;
Combing the pasta and asparagus.
Dressing now ready to drizzle
Upon this delicious summer meal
That is one of my favorite dishes.
Toss to coat it said to do;
Mixing the dressing together.
Almost done the chopped cashews get;
Sprinkled along with Parmesan cheese.
Nice hot dish ready to serve immediately
Makes it a summer meal I enjoy.

April 19th prompt. Write a poem that is or involves a recipe.