Red Balloon

Bobbing up and down from light breeze
A red balloon sits anchored in knots on a fence
Waiting for someone to come along and take away
People pass by, but none are right
Red balloon continues to wait
Until a small child takes notices,
Skips up to the fence.
Child eyes red balloon happily
As hands gently untie the knot
Child holds red balloon tightly
As both bob and skip down road together.

Ode to Red

Scarlet Lily beetle. Corn snake. Newt.
Tomato. Hot sauce with a zip.
Wine go with meat. Ketchup on fries. Chili.
Fall leaves. Autumn time. Holly berries. Santa’s
red suit being pressed for Christmas.
Winnie the Poo bear’s shirt. Clifford the big dog. Elmo.
Remembering childhood wagon. Dog playing with Kong.
Sport jersey. Baseball stitches. Plastic cup for drinking.
Bushel of apples. Cherries. Strawberries. Cranberries. Berries.
Cardinal. Singing robin. Scarlet Ibis. Swimming angler fish.
Poison dart frogs. crafty foxes. Jumping kangaroo. Squirrel in
tree. A squid hunting an evening meal. Marching ants.
Rashes. Blood from a cut. Arteries. A pumping heart.
Lip stick on your cheek from aunt. Nail polish. Hair.
Words of passion. Love from Valentine’s Day. Danger. Warnings
of stormy weather ahead. Fire hydrant.
Fire engine coming to put out fires. Siren from police car
saying stop and pull over now.
Stop signs. Yield. Do Not Enter. First Aid. Emergency.
Raising blood pressure. Boiled lobster. Pepper. Don’t forget the pepperoni.
Stripes of America flag flying over D.C. British flag at Jamestown 1607.
Chinese Flag. Sales tags on clothes. Rubies. Garnet. Plaid.
Answering machine active light. Netflix DVD envelope. Rose.
Vampire eyes. Bricks. Car tail lights.