A Fur Strand

My remote fell from chair.
I went to pick it up near the wall.
There between edges of carpet
I found a piece your creme brulee fur.
I picked the strand and held it between my fingers.
I looked at how it went white to brown.
Strand of fur was near where you loved to lay near chair.
I sighed remembering how much I missed you;
You were my friend and companion.
I placed the fur on your memory rock,
Letting you know I was thinking about you;
Hoping you would bound in with your smile
And ask me to pet and massage your furry coat.

Lawn Mower

I remember the tall grass
Up to my little knees
As I raced with my cousin;
Laughing as we played.

The sound of the lawn mower
Comes to the back with a loud roar.
Then stops with sputter as;
Grandpa stops the engines.

“Get up,” he says with a wide grin
We both climb atop; one on each knee.
He holds us tight so not to let us fall.
Stars the engines; here we go!

Drive around the back we mow;
Together with our grandpa
We both ride high; enjoying our time
Being close to our grandpa for another time.

April 6th prompt; Write a rememory from childhood.